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What are the components of the smt production line
What are the components of the smt production line

What are the components of the smt production line


Smt is the abbreviation of Surface Mounting Technology in English, and it is called surface mount technology in Chinese. Smt is very popular in the electronic processing industry. The motherboards in electronic products used in daily use are basically manufactured by smt technology. Smt is made of many types. The machines are combined into a production line, each type of machine completes different processes, and finally the required PCBA is manufactured (extended reading: What does PCB and PCBA mean? PCB PCBA difference? What are the differences?

Smt production lines are fully automatic and semi-automatic. Fully automatic means that machines are basically used instead of manual operations. Only a few people can be responsible for a smt line. At the same time, smt factories are also divided into large, medium and small. The following 3 lines are small, 5- 10 are medium-sized,

pcb board

and large-scale placement factories basically need more than 10 lines. The configuration of the smt equipment of each smt production line is not the same. The following is an introduction to the most basic smt equipment that constitutes an smt production line.

Loading machine

The board loading machine is located at the forefront of the smt production line. The main function is to flow the empty PCB board into the solder paste printing machine for solder paste printing. At present, many factories have realized the automatic board loading machine.

Solder Paste Printer

The solder paste printing machine is located behind the board loading machine, and prints the solder paste on the pads on the PCB to prepare for subsequent placement;

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Spi is a solder paste inspection machine. It checks the quality of solder paste printing. If it fails, it needs to take out the poorly printed PCB, clean it and reprint it.


The placement machine is the most important core equipment of the smt production line. Its main function is to mount electronic components on the solder paste-printed pads to prepare for subsequent reflow soldering;

Reflow soldering

After the placement machine finishes mounting the electronic components, the electronic components and the PCB are only glued by the solder paste, and the solder paste needs to be melted at a high temperature through reflow soldering, and the electronic components are fixed at the designated pad position of the PCB;


AOI is an optical inspection instrument. It checks the final quality of PCBA, sees the quality of electronic components after reflow soldering, inspects possible soldering defects such as grape balls, multi-tin, bridges, tombstones, etc., and inspects defective products to avoid subsequent products. Instability.

washing machine

The cleaning machine mainly cleans the residues and stains on the soldered board, such as the flux in it. The cleaning machine can be online or offline.

At present, only a few placement factories do not have automated smt production lines, and most of them have adopted automated production lines