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SMT production line composition system and placement machine
SMT production line composition system and placement machine

SMT production line composition system and placement machine


The SMT production line is usually composed of multiple equipment with different functions. The patch production line is arranged according to the requirements of the product. Some production lines have high requirements, so more testing equipment and higher-end equipment are needed. Generally, the current patch line is common equipment What are they made of? Let me explain for everyone

In the current patch production and processing, customer requirements are getting higher and higher, and the product patch quality requirements are also high. Therefore, customers must have corresponding equipment to meet the production needs of customers' products. Generally, there are three major SMT patch production lines: Solder paste printers, placement machines, and reflow soldering are necessary. No matter what products are needed, if you want to distinguish, it is limited to whether it is fully automatic or semi-automatic, whether the brand is high-end imported or domestically produced, and the rest of the testing equipment Generally include SPI (Solder Paste Inspection Machine,

pcb board

usually after placing the printing machine, testing the quality of solder paste printing), AOI (Generally placing it after the furnace, testing the quality of the board soldering, testing whether there are grape balls, tombstones, bridges, false Welding and other phenomena), if it is a high-end manufacturer, there will usually be X-RAY (similar to a CT machine, which can penetrate the board to see the welding quality of the IC pins), because the general AOI does not have this function, and there are customers’ The board has a lot of IC pins, so X-RAY irradiation is needed to see the real welding quality on the display to see if it is a phenomenon of virtual or empty welding.

In addition to the above three pieces and some common testing equipment, the SMT production line also includes some peripheral equipment, such as: loading and unloading machines, docking stations, buffering machines, transplanting machines, splitting machines and so on. These peripheral equipment increase freely according to the demand of the product and the scale of production capacity. Generally, these peripheral equipment are also relatively cheap.

What are the types of placement machines

After the placement machine was introduced to China in the early 1990s, it drove the processing of Chinese electronic products to become the world's processing factory. The placement machine was called a money printing machine in the 1990s and even the beginning of the 21st century. At that time, electronic products were booming. The batch size is large, and the unit price of placement is also high. With the continuous expansion of the industry, competition is becoming stronger and stronger, and the technological development of placement machines is getting stronger and stronger. The placement speed is faster, the placement accuracy is higher, and the placement of components The size is getting more and more refined.

The placement machine is divided according to the production capacity, which can be divided into high-speed machines and multi-function machines

High-speed machine means that the theoretical value of placement is above 50,000 points/hour. The main electronic components of high-speed machines are CHIP parts. The functional machine mainly mounts large materials and special-shaped parts.

The placement machine is divided according to the structure, which can be divided into boom type, turret type and composite type

The boom type is mainly high-precision, suitable for attaching large materials, especially QFP/BGA, etc. The boom type is divided into single arm and multi-arm type, and the multi-arm type extends from the single arm, and the placement speed will be higher. High, two arms can mount two PCB circuit boards together

The mounting speed of the turret mounter is faster than that of the boom mounter. However, due to the defects of the machine structure, the area is large, and the mounting speed has a limit value, it is difficult to speed up.