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Breakthrough in PCB printing and copying

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, my country's scientific research funding in 2012 reached 1 trillion yuan. In the past ten years, the total number of R&D personnel has increased by an average of 12% annually, but why is my country’s innovative R&D still lagging behind foreign countries such as Europe, America, and Japan? From the perspective of my country's scientific research funding investment, it is mainly distributed in research institutes, universities and state-owned enterprises. They are either difficult to efficiently research and develop due to system constraints, or because they are out of market demand, the transformation cycle is too long to effectively increase productivity. At this time, in order to speed up input and output and support dynamic PCB copy board companies to carry out micro-innovative research and development, it will become a new highland for building smart industries.

1. PCB copy board accelerates the transformation and upgrading of intelligent industry

Intelligent industry refers to the industry that directly uses human intelligence for research and development, creation, production, management and other activities to form tangible or intangible smart products to meet social needs. It mainly includes intelligent application technology research and development, intelligent equipment manufacturing, optical communications, mobile communications, integrated circuits, new displays, applied electronics, and cloud computing industries. PCB copying is a reverse interpretation of technical means such as intelligent equipment, integrated circuits, and electronic products. It uses the original product's PCB documents, bill of materials (BOM) documents, schematic documents and other technical documents, as well as PCB silk screen production documents. :1 Restore, and then use these technical documents for complete replication or secondary development, which can produce high-quality innovative products in a short time and complete the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent industry.

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2. PCB manufacturers lead the intelligent industry to "bring in and go out"

PCB copy board can decode excellent smart industrial products at home and abroad, which plays a vital role in promoting my country's economic development. Through the reasonable introduction of foreign product design drawings by PCB copy board to carry out local product development and improvement, state-owned brands will no longer lag behind, and will be able to grasp foreign industrial culture more quickly, promote the local intelligent industry to go out, and occupy a leading position in the international market competition. Many people misunderstand that PCB plagiarism is a plagiarism product and cannot be circulated in the market, but we can clearly understand from the Supreme Court’s rule that “obtaining trade secrets through self-development or reverse engineering is not an act of unfair competition”, it is just A kind of reform, innovation and technological reference to existing products is a legalized product.

3. Zhilian Technology PCB Copy Board Creates a New Highland of Intelligent Industry

As an outstanding private enterprise and high-tech leader in the domestic PCB copy board industry, Zhilian Technology specializes in IT software and hardware technology development, chip decryption, PCB design, prototype production and ODM/ OEM/SMT foundry and other efficient supporting services, its PCB copy board products integrate production, learning, research, use and other forces, with the purpose of independent innovation and leading development, through the reverse research of the basic technology of the intelligent industry and Independent innovation, forming industrial standards, patented technologies and proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights, driving major application demonstrations, establishing an intensive and efficient economic development model, promoting the harmonious development of emerging smart industries, and realizing the transformation from "imitation" to "innovation" change.