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The reason why PCB copy board is controversial
PCB Tech
The reason why PCB copy board is controversial

The reason why PCB copy board is controversial


Definition of PCB copy board

PCB copy board, also known as circuit board copy board, circuit board clone, circuit board copy, PCB clone, PCB reverse design or PCB reverse development, the industry also has many opinions about the definition of PCB copy board, but none of them It is very complete. If we must give an accurate definition ofPCB copy board, we can learn from the authoritative PCB copy board laboratory in China: PCB copy board, that is, under the premise that there are physical electronic products and circuit boards, use Reverse research and development technology means reverse analysis of the circuit board, and restore the original product's PCB files, bill of materials (BOM) files, schematic files and other technical files and PCB silk screen production files at 1:1, and then use these technologies Documents and production documents carry out PCB manufacturing, component welding, flying probe testing,

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circuit board debugging, and complete the complete copy of the original circuit board template. Since electronic products are composed of various types of circuit boards to form the core control part for work, the process of PCB copying can be used to complete the extraction of a full set of technical data of any electronic product and the imitation and cloning of products.

Controversial PCB copy board

From the moment the PCB copy board appeared, the controversy about him has not stopped. No matter which country it is in, this industry is also subject to controversy. Even in the law, this is also controversial. So why is it so controversial as a copy board of reverse research technology. Below we will explain in detail what are the disputes about PCB copy board.

The first aspect: the controversy of the technology of copying the circuit board

As mentioned above, it is not easy to define a copy of a circuit board. If you want to define a copy of a circuit board, there may be many definitions. And such copying boards are generally referred to as copying or cloning of the circuit in the industry. As long as they hear such words as copying or cloning, people will unanimously think of infringement. Indeed, the main thing about copying boards is to use reverse technology to replicate the circuit boards. Therefore, many people are very dissatisfied with this industry from the definition above, thinking that this is a kind of infringement.

The second aspect: disputes in the field involved in the circuit board copy board

Nowadays, due to the development of the copy board industry, some companies have even emerged to copy PCB boards. So in many fields, this copy board is also widely used. Its existence allows many countries to easily understand the technology of some products produced in other countries. Therefore, the emergence of this kind of technology, while being welcomed by some countries, has also been disputed and opposed by some countries.

The third aspect: legal disputes

Everyone knows that in law, if there is any infringement, it must be illegal. However, in the laws of various countries in the world, acts such as copying boards are not included in the scope of infringement. Because this technology has brought about the development of many industries and countries, such behavior cannot be prohibited. It is precisely because of this that there are many controversies about copying boards. Whether it is from real life or from the laws of the country, such a reverse research technique has always been in dispute. But there is no doubt about it, although such a technological development process has been controversial. But it is still developing, and existence is reasonable, so there is reason to believe that PCB copy board technology will better appear and develop in the world.