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How to process PCB circuit boards in Wuxi SMD processing
PCB Tech
How to process PCB circuit boards in Wuxi SMD processing

How to process PCB circuit boards in Wuxi SMD processing


I don’t know if you know what a PCB circuit board is. You may be more interested in the electronics industry. They all know what a PCB circuit board is. Although the PCB circuit board looks relatively small, it has a very big meaning. Why do you say that? Because many of its lines are fixed by welding! Soldering experts usually apply flux after the electric soldering iron is heated, and then evenly spread the solder on the electric soldering iron head and let the soldering iron eat the tin before soldering. In addition, Wuxi SMD processing believes that the soldering time of the electric soldering iron should not be too long or it will easily burn the components. After the soldering operation is completed, the residual flux on the circuit board should be cleaned with alcohol to prevent the carbonized flux from affecting the normal operation of the circuit.

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Circuit board processing and welding experts believe that in order to facilitate welding and save time, the welding sequence during circuit board processing is particularly important. Reliable circuit board welding experts will choose to weld the difficult low spot welding first, so that the welded circuit board will be more smooth.

Take measures from the PCB circuit board processing technology to minimize or reduce the excessive vibration phenomenon of mechanical processing to reduce the effect of mechanical external forces. Especially when stripping the tin-lead alloy coating, it is easy to occur between the gold-plated plug blade and the plug blade. Care must be taken to choose the appropriate tin-lead stripping solution and operation process. In particular, hot air leveling, infrared heat melting, etc., such as control failures, will cause thermal stress to cause defects in the substrate.

During the mounting process, the components required by different types of PCB circuit boards are placed on these feeding troughs, and the pick-and-place device removes the components from the feeding trough and mounts them to the designated position on the PCB. According to the survey data of empirical research objects, the average time for high-speed placement machine to place a component is 0.06s, and the average time for switching a feeder is 180s.

The multi-function placement machine has two workbenches, but only one workbench works. The other workbench is only used to place large or special-shaped components. Each workbench contains 10 feeding troughs. It takes 0.18s to mount a component on average., The average time to switch a feeder is 220s. When switching between different types of PCBs, the placement machine needs a certain amount of preparation switching time, usually about 6 times the time of switching a component feeder, that is, 1200s. It can be seen that the switching time plays an important role in the assembly process of electronic products.

The operation requirements of circuit board processing are still relatively high, because each process is more important, and the order of welding in circuit board processing is particularly important during welding, so you must pay attention to the order when welding.