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Manufacturing equipment in pcba processing
PCB Tech
Manufacturing equipment in pcba processing

Manufacturing equipment in pcba processing


he circuit board can make the circuit intuitive and play a decisive role in the layout. Generally, the circuit board is processed by pcba processing. Then how to choose when contacting the pcba factory for processing? Most of them will choose by price. The price is right, but if the price is low, can the quality be guaranteed? Is the product really worth the price if the price is high? The equipment requirements are more important in pcba processing.

1. The importance of PCBA manufacturing equipment

As an industry that requires a complete set of manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, a qualified PCBA processing plant must have a complete set of equipment. Manufacturing equipment directly determines the production capacity and quality of SMT patches. This is like the saying of the ancients: "Without diamonds, you can't live in porcelain" is a truth. A qualified company will generally use equipment that can meet the smaller placement accuracy of 01005 (Swedish MYDATA-600 solder paste printer/MYDATA-300 placement machine), selective wave soldering, 3Daoi, X-ray, etc. Precision mounting and testing of BGA/IC, etc. Therefore, whether a company has relevant testing equipment and qualified operation technicians, and whether the daily production capacity can meet its own production needs can be judged by the equipment equipped by the company.

Therefore, for a qualified PCBA processing plant, the equipment is the top priority of the judging standard. If a factory is unwilling to invest in even basic industry manufacturing equipment, can it be judged that it has no strength and is even ready to leave.

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2. The importance of equipment energy

Due to fluctuations in consumption cycles and quarters, any industry or factory has a difference between off-season and peak season. When a PCBA factory's order is very full and the delivery date is very urgent, even if other customers place a large order, there will be two situations in the factory at this time: one is to take the order first, and then follow you Slowly grind until the existing urgent orders are exhausted before doing it for you; secondly, they will refuse to cooperate with you due to delivery issues.

Even some large customers will ask PCBA processing plants to separate two lines for it independently, and then evaluate the production capacity according to all the production lines of the company, but in general, there is moisture in the evaluation.

Whether a factory's PCB processing is qualified or not can be judged by its production equipment and equipment capacity. The price is undeniable and is also a more important reference point, but it is not possible to refer to the price alone. Manufacturing equipment is often closely related to the production capacity and quality of SMT patches. “You get what you pay for” is not unreasonable. If the price is relatively low, the quality may not be complimented, but after mastering the pcba processing judgment criteria, choose processing The factory will also have a bottom line in mind.