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PCBA processing pcba board installation is very critical
PCB Tech
PCBA processing pcba board installation is very critical

PCBA processing pcba board installation is very critical


No matter what product it is, we will shop around when buying, and choose the right one. Of course, when choosing a product, not only the price will affect the purchase, but also other factors. Take PCBA processing as an example. PCBA It is the core of electronic equipment, just like the influence of the three armies on the Chinese army's big account during the war. The credibility, convenience and reliability of commodities are closely related to the quality of PCBA. Therefore, in the whole process of purchasing PCBA, everyone must be eager to care about PCBA quality benchmarks, and choose technical expertise to consider whether each PCBA board meets the requirements of electronic equipment.

①The credibility of electrical welding of PCBA electronic devices

The credibility of the electrical welding of PCB circuit boards and electronic devices immediately determines the main performance of electronic equipment in the entire application process. With the deep-level application of commodities, circuit boards are subjected to air oxidation, heat radiation sources, falling and overload applications Such extreme conditions will cause the PCBA board that was OK in the original factory to show electric welding problems at the beginning, and the product will not work. In addition, in PCBA production and processing, whether to choose genuine electronic devices from well-known brands is also very important to the quality of electronic equipment. Many second-hand or counterfeit electronic devices will become invalid in long-term applications. The PCB circuit board is still the same. According to the application scenario of the product, to avoid the deformation of the PCB and the heat hazard, this element must be taken into consideration when purchasing the PCBA and strict testing should be carried out.

PCBA processing

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②PCBA high and low temperature test characteristics report

When PCBA is purchased in large quantities, high and low temperature tests must be carried out rigorously. To test the reliability and credibility of PCBA board extremes and strict application standards. Many companies avoid this process in order to save costs. As a result, large quantities of goods are not in the hands of customers, leading to greater damage. Therefore, when it is proposed to purchase PCBA, the regulations for high and low temperature tests are clearly put forward for large quantities of goods, embrittlement test fixtures are provided, and distributors are required to report on high and low temperature test characteristics.

PCBA installation process management

The whole process of assembling the PCBA board with the casing and packaging is also critical. Many of the actual installation processes are improperly performed, which will also cause damage to the electronic components of the PCBA board that has been inspected OK, resulting in poor assembly afterwards. PCBA distributors must have strict actual operation manuals for the entire installation process, and supervise employees to follow the process.

④The cleanliness of PCBA surface

The cleanliness level of the PCBA surface is very critical. Many hand-made solder slags and fluxes, etc., remain on the surface of the PCBA, which will lead to unpredictable risks in the entire process of the application of electronic equipment in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to require PCBA manufacturers to carry out technical and professional ultrasonic cleaning of all large-volume PCBA surfaces, and to avoid fingertip environmental pollution of the surface.

⑤ Manufacturer's profit

With the development of the circuit board and SMT production and processing industry chain, the price of PCBA is extremely transparent. If it is compared or carried forward a little, it can prevent the slaughter. Profitability is a greater impetus for a company to serve its customers. Only with profitability can it have service items and standardized quality management.

In addition to the above points, another point is very important, that is, the after-sales service capability of the manufacturer. When we purchase PCBA, the evaluation of the after-sales maintenance service capability of the dealer is also very important. A wise man must make a mistake when he thinks about it. Along with the deep level of mass production and manufacturing, it will definitely cause safety hazards. At this time, the ability of PCBA manufacturers to respond quickly and immediately cooperate with each other is essential.