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CIGS is in urgent need of "ground gas" PCB customization
PCB Tech
CIGS is in urgent need of "ground gas" PCB customization

CIGS is in urgent need of "ground gas" PCB customization


In the blueprint for the development of solar cells, thin-film cells have become a bright spot for everyone at low cost from the beginning. At present, many Chinese photovoltaic companies have entered the field of CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) thin film solar cells with the most industrialized prospects. However, compared with the mature industrial supply and demand of crystalline silicon cells and the supporting environment, it is obvious that Chinese CIGS film manufacturers are "splitting" and "working alone" and most of their supply and demand are overly dependent on foreign brands. From an objective point of view, compared with developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan, the development of China's CIGS industry is still slow, and there is still a serious "dependence" in technology. China wants to quickly get rid of the unfavorable factors of CIGS and adopting more technical routes is a strong guarantee for the national energy strategy security. Among them, the "introduction-absorption-digestion-innovation" road of PCB copy board is far more important than the sole bet on domestic research and development. Fast and reliable.

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   Why does China urgently need localized CIGS

It is understood that CIGS thin-film solar cells are composed of four elements: Cu (copper), In (indium), Ga (gallium), and Se (selenium) in the best proportion of chalcopyrite crystal thin-film solar cells, which are the key to the composition of solar panels. technology. Because this product has many advantages such as strong light absorption capacity, good power generation stability, high conversion efficiency, long daytime power generation, high power generation, low production cost and short energy recovery cycle, CIGS solar cells are already the future of solar cell products. Star will eventually replace traditional crystalline silicon solar cells. Therefore, if China wants to stay behind, it is extremely urgent to realize the localization of CIGS to connect with China's "earth gas".

   CIGS fast turnkey reverse engineering

For the domestic CIGS industry, which started relatively late, due to the constraints of production equipment and technological bottlenecks, China had to choose a different path, that is, through global technology mergers and acquisitions, independent innovation, introduction of equipment, or cooperation with foreign equipment companies, etc. To accelerate the industrialization process of CIGS thin-film batteries. Among them, the best benefit is the rapid turnkey reverse engineering by introducing equipment PCB copy board, and grafting foreign high-tech technology to re-innovative localized products. At present, the domestic PCB copying company led by Pengxin, the Yunnan Shilin project through the introduction of CIGS modules produced by Manz Group CIGS turnkey reverse engineering has proved to be a successful case, indicating this "reverse development" model The feasibility can be rolled out on a large scale.

  CIGS circuit board copy board customization

The so-called circuit board copy board (PCB copy board) is to use reverse research and development technology to perform reverse analysis on the premise of existing electronic products or circuit boards, and to restore the product PCB files, BOM list, and schematic files 1:1 Wait for technical production files, and then use the restored technical files to copy and clone or secondary development process according to the customer's individual needs. The real copy board customization also includes a complete set of solutions such as chip decryption, IC design, PCB modification, secondary development, OEM/ODM foundry or functional prototype production, and can be freely selected in terms of size, volume, memory, color, accessories, etc. match. At present, CIGS thin-film solar cells have launched a comprehensive PCB copy board customization service, and can basically achieve professional customization, with unlimited creativity!