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How Apple is optimistic about the antenna FPC
PCB Tech
How Apple is optimistic about the antenna FPC

How Apple is optimistic about the antenna FPC


Apple is optimistic about the prospects of liquid crystal polymer resin materials. It rarely spends huge sums of money on Jialianyi to manufacture flexible printed circuit boards for the next generation of iPhone antennas. The market is expected to exceed US$500 million, which also attracts domestic related equipment manufacturers to fight for this big pie.

Regarding the application of liquid crystal polymer resin material (LCP) to the flexible printed circuit board (FPC) of the Apple iPhone antenna, the FPC industry revealed that the past two generations of iPhones have been used, but are not popular. This year, a new generation of iPhones will be released and 3 models are expected. , Each will adopt LCP.

The FPC industry said that this year’s 3 new-generation iPhones each used LCP antenna FPC to increase to 3 pieces,

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that is, a total of 9 pieces, which is 9 times the previous demand. The amount of use has increased and the potential of Jialianyi will be injected into a large number of related equipment. Funds, it is even estimated that more than 50% of orders can be won and become the main supply chain.

The PCB industry has judged that Apple has invested at least US$300 million in Jialianyi’s funds to catch up with mass production this year. The initial investigation of the laser drilling machine (LD) accounted for 200 million US dollars, and the laser direct imaging exposure machine (LDI) was about 1.5 100 million U.S. dollars, automatic optical inspection (AOI) also has 50 million U.S. dollars, as well as various other related process equipment. This huge business opportunity has made domestic equipment manufacturers "sharp their swords."

 The PCB industry said that in addition to the difficulty of domestic equipment manufacturers to intervene in imported high-end equipment, Mude Technology (3563) may be the biggest winner of AOI equipment, and Xunde Machinery is also actively competing for food.

 In response to future development needs, Xunde has decided to invest 126 million yuan in the construction and expansion of the factory from the prefectural committee. It is expected to be completed in the middle of this year. Due to the rapid increase in revenue and profit last year, it has handled a capital increase of 5 million shares at 70 yuan per share. It is expected to announce the completion of the fundraising.

Jialianyi plans to handle a capital increase of 76.84 million shares in cash. The issue price is tentatively set at 40 yuan. It has been declared effective on the 17th, and the purpose is clearly pointed out that it is to purchase the factory needed for operation. The market analysis is for the new generation of iPhone that will be listed this year. Antenna FPC preparations, although the official price of the current increase has not yet been finalized, the Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA) estimates that the entire investment case exceeds 10 billion yuan, which will be the largest scale in the PCB industry in recent years.

The FPC industry chain pointed out that the LCP-related antenna FPC of the new generation of iPhone is expensive at US$2 per piece, but Apple is optimistic that LCP can be used with 5G products in the future. Because there are still very few LCP suppliers, there are no suppliers in Taiwan except Japan in the short term. Due to the current limited supply, it is not easy for international brand mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei that are interested to follow up, which helps maintain competitiveness.