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Hybrid PCB

iPcb share resources about Hybrid Circuit Board informations.

- Hybrid circuit is usually used in High Frequency Series Products

With the rapid development of electronic communication technology, in order to achieve high-speed and high fidelity signal transmission, more and more High-Frequency circuit Boards(hybrid circuit) are used in communication equipment. The dielectric materials used in High-Frequency Boards(hybird circuit) have excellent electrical properties and good chemical stability, which are mainly manifested in the following four aspects:

1. Hybrid circuit has the characteristics of small signal transmission loss, short transmission delay time and small signal transmission distortion.
2. Excellent dielectric properties (mainly refers to: low relative dielectric constant DK, low dielectric loss factor DF). In addition, the dielectric properties (DK, DF) can keep stable under the      environmental changes of frequency, humidity and temperature.
3. High precision control with characteristic impedance (Zo).

4. Hybrid circuithas excellent heat resistance (TG), processability and adaptability.

hybrid circuit

FR4+RO3010 hybrid circuit board

High Frequency PCB(hybrid circuit)  is widely used in wireless antenna, base station receiving antenna, power amplifier,  radar system, navigation system and other communication equipment.

Based on one or more factors of cost saving, improving bending strength and electromagnetic interference control, high-frequency semi cured sheet with low resin fluidity and FR-4 substrate with smooth medium surface must be used in the laminated design of high-frequency composite laminate. In this case, there is a great risk for the bonding control of products in the pressing process.

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- A manufacturing method of High Frequency Board(hybrid circuit) Stackup.

Technical features:

1. A kind of high-frequency board (hybrid circuit) controlled depth composite laminate structure, the high-frequency hybrid circuit includes L1 copper layer( high-frequency sheet), L2 copper layer( PP sheet), L3 copper layer( epoxy resin substrate) and L4 copper layer in turn; slot holes with the same size are arranged at the same position on the L2 ,L3 and L4 copper layer; the L4 copper layer is arranged from the inside Three in one buffer material, steel plate and kraft paper are stacked successively from outside to outside; aluminum sheet, steel plate and kraft paper are successively stacked on L1 copper layer from inside to outside.
2. According to 1st feature,the three in one buffer material is a buffer material sandwiched between two release membranes.

3. According to 1st feature,the laminated structure of the high-frequency plate controlled deep mixing plate is characterized in that the high-frequency sheet      material is a polytetrafluoroethylene substrate.

hybrid circuit stackup



The  expansion and shrinkage characteristics of the high-frequency(hybrid circuit)composite  laminate are different from those of the ordinary epoxy resin  substrate, so it is difficult to control the plate curvature and  shrinkage, and the processing method of slotting first and then pressing  will cause the problem of sheet metal depression. Three in one buffer  material is set on one side of the groove, and the buffer material can  be filled into the slot hole during pressing, so as to avoid the  depression problem. Kraft paper is set on both sides of the board to  cushion the pressure and balance  Uniform heat transfer, set steel plate to ensure uniform heat  conduction in pressing, make the pressing flat, make the heat and  pressure balance during pressing, so as to better control the plate  curvature and expansion and contraction.

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-High Frequency mixed(hybrid circuit) pressing board and its manufacture method

As following steps:

Method 1st, The position and area of the common material adhesive sheet corresponding to the figure area of the high frequency circuitHigh-Frequency circuit are opened, and the high-frequency material adhesive sheet with the size of the high-frequency circuit figure area is made.

Method 2nd, The bonding material of the common material and the High-Frequency material are combined onto the motherboard, wherein the High-Frequency material bonding sheet is embedded in the opening of the ordinary material bonding sheet.
Method 3rd, Metal foil is covered on the surface of common material and high frequency material.

hybrid circuit

The invention improves the manufacturing quality of high frequency mixing(hybrid circuit) board.

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