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How to check whether the PCB circuit board drawing design is correct

How to check whether the PCB circuit board drawing design is correct

When the PCB circuit board wiring is completed, the circuit board should be checked for design rules to ensure that the circuit board meets the design requirements and all networks have been correctly connected. Commonly used inspection items in PCB design rule inspection are as follows:

1. Whether the distance between line and line, line and component pad, line and via, component pad and via, via and via is reasonable, and whether it meets the production requirements.

2. Whether to modify some unsatisfactory lines.

3. Whether there are separate ground wires for analog circuit and digital circuit.

4. Whether the graphics (such as icons, annotations) added to the PCB board will cause signal short circuit.

5. Whether the outer frame edge of the power ground layer in the multi-layer circuit board is reduced, such as the exposed copper foil of the power ground layer may easily cause a short circuit.

6. Whether the width of the power line and the ground line are appropriate, whether the power supply and the ground line are tightly coupled, and whether there is a place to widen the ground line in the middle.

7. Whether the best measures have been taken for the key signal lines, such as the shortest length, the protection line, the input line and the output line are clearly separated.

How to check whether the PCB circuit board drawing design is correct

8. Whether there is a process line on the PCB, whether the solder mask meets the requirements of the production process, whether the solder mask size is appropriate, and whether the character logo is pressed on the device pad.

Design rule inspection results can be divided into two types: one is Report (report) output, which generates inspection result reports; the other is OnLine inspection, which is to verify the electrical rules and wiring rules of the circuit board during the wiring process.

PCB circuit board design rules, including electrical rules, wiring, layout rules, high-speed circuit design rules, signal integrity and other rules. Through the study of this chapter, I have a detailed understanding of the design rules of the circuit board, and lay the foundation for the production of high-efficiency PCB circuit boards.

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