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What are the PCB board design processes?

What are the PCB board design processes?

When many newcomers first enter the industry, they often don't understand the PCB board design process. Let us take a look together below:

The first stage: plan design

      Engineers plan the basic modules of the circuit and draw the circuit diagram of the product according to the circuit site situation, market research or product innovation needs. This stage can be completed without altium design software. Manuscripts and other office software generally meet the requirements. The following phases need to be applied to altium design software.

The second stage: schematic design

      Draw specific schematic diagrams according to the product circuit frame diagram to make the circuit system specific. The design at this stage will determine the circuit structure and PCB board design wiring scale.

What are the PCB board design processes?

The third stage: export the component network table information to the pcb board design

      After drawing the schematic, the component packaging and component connection information needs to be transmitted to the PCB board design environment. The current advertising software can directly send the component network table and component packaging information to the pcb board design environment with only one command, and has the functions of seamless docking and two-way synchronization.

 The fourth stage: component layout

      After the component packaging is transferred to the pcb board design environment, the component layout needs to be based on the product's chassis shape, panel structure, electromagnetic compatibility specifications, reasonable requirements for electrical layout, and PCB board design laminated structure.

The fifth stage: PCB board design and wiring

      After the components are arranged, the pre-pull lines generated according to the net list in the pcb board design are filled with solid lines. This filling line is the copper foil line on the finished circuit board, and the reasonableness of the circuit board wiring will directly affect the quality of the circuit board.

The sixth stage: computer-aided manufacturing process manufacturing

      The electronic engineer is required to output the GERBER file for processing and manufacturing.

The above is the PCB board design process explained by the editor in detail, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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