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What are the PCB wiring rules and skills?

What are the PCB wiring rules and skills?

PCB wiring is an important part of PCB design, which directly determines the success or failure of PCB manufacturing. So, what are the PCB wiring rules and skills?

  1. The power pin and ground pin of the chip should be decoupled. The decoupling capacitor should be installed close to the chip to minimize the loop area.

  2. Widen the width of the power line and ground line as much as possible, preferably the ground line is wider than the power line.

  3. There are multiple power signals on the surface of the two-layer board, and multiple ground signals on the other layer, so that the power and ground signals are arranged in a "well" shape, and basically no loop lines are used.

What are the PCB wiring rules and skills?

     4. The PCB of the digital circuit can form a loop with a wide ground wire, that is, form a ground net for use.

     5. Use a large-area copper layer as the ground wire, connect the unused place with the ground on the printed circuit board as a ground wire, or make a multilayer board, and the power supply and the ground wire occupy one layer each.

  6. Ground nearby, but distinguish between analog ground and digital ground: analog devices are connected to analog ground, and digital devices are connected to digital ground; large-signal ground and small-signal ground are also distinguished.

  7. Circuit boards with both analog and digital functions. The analog ground and digital ground are separated, and they are only connected at the power source to avoid mutual interference. Do not overlap the digital power supply with the analog power supply, otherwise coupling capacitors will be generated.

  8. Avoid comb ground wires, otherwise the signal return loop will become larger, increasing radiation and sensitivity.

  9. When choosing a SMD chip, try to choose a chip whose power pin is close to the ground pin to further reduce the area of the decoupling capacitor power supply loop, which is conducive to achieving electromagnetic compatibility. When multiple chips are installed on the board, the ground wire should be designed as a closed loop to improve the noise tolerance of the circuit.

   10. For circuits with the same structure, use "symmetrical" layouts as much as possible

The above are the PCB wiring rules and skills, I hope it will help you
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