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My PCB career, please give us more opinions
PCB News
My PCB career, please give us more opinions

My PCB career, please give us more opinions


It’s a long story. I started to join the forum in 2001. I just joined the work and was assigned to the PCB design group. In order to learn PCB design, I went to the PCB board of 21IC. At that time, bigcat syzdq was still very enthusiastic to learn. After learning a lot of things, I grew up slowly. Later, in order to learn POWERPCB, I came to PCBBBS and found that this is a professional forum, so I stayed there forever.


I have been doing PCB for these years. I have been lucky. I went to Beijing to find a job in early 2005. I went to a PDP TV company and ran away after three months. Then I worked as a PCB for industrial equipment in a better state-owned enterprise. Although it is not difficult to do it, I have been doing PCB design, and I have some knowledge about PCB processing and SMT technology. Later, relying on the support of friends, I did a few part-time jobs. Because of the requirements of the partners, basically every software I have all made boards, but I am still the most proficient in the ZUKEN series. At the same time, this company has also achieved TEAM LEADER, and these instructions have been recognized by everyone.
Speaking of salary, the salary is different in each period. The company in other places is 2K, and the first company in Beijing doubles. After all, it is Beijing. Then the salary will be raised and jumped to another company. I jumped to a more controversial company doing LAYOUT. The salary in the heyday was N times that of when I just graduated.
Some people look down on the LAYOUT engineer and think it is a drawing board. I also have this feeling. In fact, the board is drawn, which has a very big impact on the performance of a product. At the same time, the cost of the board can also be saved on the board. A reasonably designed board has a smaller area and improved manufacturability. This is not just DFM (Design For Manufacture), it is definitely DFM (Design For Money), and an undervalued PCB engineer is not trying to force the leaders to see. When he is better, he is treated negatively, so he can only get worse and worse, because among colleagues of the same working age, the wages of LAYOUT engineers are lower, right?
Some PCB colleagues think that the PCB design is boring, they want to change their business, want to test, or want to make hardware. You still have to think about it. There are a bunch of people doing this next to you. Are they easy? Can't write a program, or a circuit They are more painful than you are unstable. Besides, you have been working in PCB for a few years, how do you switch careers? Be a novice to another company? People would rather recruit college students, the price is cheap, but also obedient.
Regarding private jobs, PCB is one of the easiest jobs to pick up jobs. Generally speaking, it depends on luck and relationship. Many friends ask me, why do you have so many private jobs? Yes, I didn’t advertise too much. , I ran a ZUKEN section by myself, and its popularity is also very poor. After all, there are few users, so how can there be so many posts. However, I feel that it is more suitable to be the moderator of ZUKEN. I have used ZUKEN's software. It seems that there are not a few people in China based on this. Hehe, and then I learned a bunch of other software.

The above is the introduction of some personal opinions in the PCB profession. Ipcb also provides PCB manufacturers and PCB manufacturing technology.