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PROTEL PADS ALLEGRO everyone to debate
PCB News
PROTEL PADS ALLEGRO everyone to debate

PROTEL PADS ALLEGRO everyone to debate


PROTEL PADS ALLEGRO everyone to debate
I work in the pcb electronics industry and use a lot of EDA software. I have used PROTEL, PADS, ALLEGRO PROTEL and at most the other 2 are rarely used.
I searched the Internet for the advantages of ALLEGRO over PROTEL, but I didn't get any results after searching for a day. I found a lot of bias towards ALLEGRO, which made PROTEL worthless;

PROTEL PADS ALLEGRO everyone to debate

Please see the following sentence below:
Example: 1. Protel cannot set constraint rules for line length, but allegro can. The rule for line spacing in Protel can only set the line spacing in the same group of networks, and the line between any two groups of networks Only a fixed value can be set for the spacing. Allegro can set the differential line rules, but Protel can’t. Allego has regulations on the length of the neck when designing the line width, but Protel does not. There is a big gap between the two in restraint rules.
2Protel cannot set the size of via before adding via. Protel does not have the concept of a pad or an isolation pad for via pad.
The above are typical friends who haven't studied PROTEL. I don't have a lot of PROTEL books, and I have many books on PADS and ALLEGRO.
I am more confident on Protel than any PROTEL book. PADS, ALLEGRO is a layman
Some people say that drawing multi-layer boards is of course ALLEGRO! What I want to ask the most is that what I want to know the most is what are the advantages of ALLEGRO multilayer boards over PROTEL multilayer boards?
I also ask what high-speed board design PADS and allegro talk about.
PROTEL, PADS; multi-layer boards are of course PADS (PROTEL cannot do multi-layer boards)
PADS, ALLEGRO: I want to change to ALLEGRO, too good and powerful!
PROTEL ALLEGRO: PROTEL is the simplest thing!
Everyone talk about how does ALLEGRO guarantee high-speed PCB design? Is it software constraints? Simulation? People? Or what?

The above is the introduction of PROTEL PADS ALLEGRO. Ipcb is also provided to PCB manufacturers and PCB manufacturing technology.