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How to reduce the cost of SMT patch production line
How to reduce the cost of SMT patch production line

How to reduce the cost of SMT patch production line


1. Reduce costs from five aspects of cost structure

After understanding the cost composition of production, the waste in production, and the bottleneck, it can be controlled and managed in a targeted manner to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

a. In terms of equipment: The most important thing in SMT manufacturing companies is equipment cost, and equipment cost is the key part. In the production, the efficiency of equipment operation should be improved, and large orders can be operated for 24 hours. The placement machine should adopt non-stop refueling methods to reduce the waste of time caused by refueling. All the equipment on each production line is reasonably arranged, balanced and optimized, and the bottleneck process of the equipment is eliminated. One flow operation improves the overall efficiency. Doing a good job in equipment maintenance can reduce the wear of parts, extend the interval between intermediate and overhaul of the equipment, save repair costs, improve the integrity and utilization of the equipment, reduce the failure rate of the equipment, and reduce the power of the equipment in operation, Loss of lubricating oil, parts and operating materials. For some vulnerable parts, such as the suction nozzle of the placement machine,

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the solenoid valve, etc., spare parts should be provided to prevent damage to the equipment and the machine from being unusable and stopping production.

There is another model, which is an international model of "equipment leasing", that is, you don't need to spend too much money on leasing new equipment, maintaining technological leadership, and replacing newer equipment after leasing for 1 to 3 years. This model has successful examples in some leading international semiconductor factories, and it is also a good cost-saving solution.

b. In terms of materials: In SMT production, solder paste, glue, etc. are relatively expensive, and glue dispensing and printing must be controlled as special processes. At present, the price of solder paste is rising steadily, and the cost of implementing lead-free is higher. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce loss and waste, and accurately calculate the weight of each batch of products to use solder paste to control consumption under the premise of ensuring quality. To the least. The storage conditions, usage methods, and working environment of solder paste must be strict to prevent deterioration and scrapping. PCB boards should reduce the number of scraps such as scratches, falls, burns, etc., and damp PCBs should be baked to prevent quality problems from increasing costs. The material throwing rate of the placement machine should be controlled below 0.2%, and the component damage and loss rate should be controlled well, and multiple quotas should be issued for expensive materials such as chips.

c. Quality cost: including the cost of repair and maintenance. Quality cost is mainly composed of prevention cost, appraisal cost, internal defect cost and external defect cost. A large amount of statistical data shows that the current proportions of the four types of quality costs in the total quality costs are roughly as follows:

Internal failure cost: 25-40%; external failure cost: 20-40%; identification cost: 10-45%; prevention cost: 0.5-5%.

d. In terms of labor cost: remove some personnel who do not add value, including indirect personnel, redundant management personnel and SMT auxiliary personnel, and appoint competent engineers and skilled technicians. According to the IE method, "cancel, merge, rearrange and simplify" existing production personnel, production processes, and on-site layouts that are unreasonable, uneconomical, and unbalanced. Employees use a shift system to work, because overtime pay is higher than normal work pay, as well as meal expenses, transportation expenses, etc., shift pay is not calculated as overtime.

e. In terms of operating methods: make a good production plan, formulate standard working hours, standard operations and main processes must have process regulations or work instructions, workers strictly operate in accordance with process documents, process documents are controlled, and the current valid version of the process can be obtained on site document. Process documents and materials should be done: the font is neat, filling and changing are standardized, complete, accurate, and timely. The technological process must be scientific and reasonable, and the operability must be strong. Elimination of blind operations and non-compliance with process regulations, thereby reducing quality problems and lowering production costs.

SMT production enterprises, the production cost should be controlled in a unified manner with the process, quality, and supply cycle. The advanced management mode should be adopted as much as possible, and 5S, IE, JIT operation methods should be introduced to improve production efficiency, optimize the entire production process, and reduce production costs to The lowest level to improve the competitiveness of SMT patch companies