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The future trend of SMT placement machine
The future trend of SMT placement machine

The future trend of SMT placement machine


Mounting machine: also known as "mounting machine", "Surface Mount System" (Surface Mount System), in the production line, it is configured after the dispenser or screen printing machine, by moving the placement head to mount the surface A device where components are accurately placed on PCB pads.

The automatic placement machine is a device used to realize high-speed, high-precision and fully automatic placement of components. It is a more critical and complex device in the entire SMT production. The placement machine is the main equipment in the SMT production line. The placement machine has developed from an early low-speed mechanical placement machine to a high-speed optical centering placement machine, and has developed to a multi-functional, flexible connection and modularization.

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Common mainstream placement machine brands are: K&S (U.S.) Philips placement machine, ASM (formerly Siemens placement machine), Panasonic (Japan), FUJI (Japan), YAMAHA (Japan), JUKI (Japan), hanwha Hanwha (South Korea), Universal UNIVERSAL (United States), etc.

The placement machine is divided into high-speed placement machine, medium-speed placement machine and ultra-high-speed placement machine according to the speed.

Above 40,000CPH is an ultra-high-speed placement machine, Siemens D4 and X3 far exceed 40,000CPH.

Features of the multi-function placement machine: It can mount large devices and special-shaped devices.

Sequential placement machine features: it is to paste the components one by one on the PCB in order, and this type of placement machine is usually seen.

Simultaneous placement machine features: using a dedicated hopper for placing cylindrical components, all components can be mounted on the corresponding PCB pads in one action. When the product is replaced, all the hoppers are replaced, which is rarely used.

Features of automatic mechatronics placement machine: Most placement machines are of this type.

Features of manual placement machine: The manual placement head is installed on the Y-axis head, and the positioning of X, Y, and e can be corrected by manual movement and rotation. It is mainly used for new product development and has the advantage of low price.

In the fierce competition in which electronic products are updated faster and faster, and the trend of multi-variety and small-batch manufacturing has become the mainstream, new packages such as BGA, PoP, FC and CSP, etc., have more and more requirements for placement machines. High, the placement machine model must keep pace with the times.

With the development of modularization, modularization, dual-way conveying, multiple cantilever, multiple placement head structure, and the development of smt placement machine technology such as flying centering, lightning placement, etc., in a placement machine, both speed, Precision and placement functions have become a new direction, and new high-performance placement machines that integrate high-speed, high-precision, multi-function and personal intelligence will become the mainstream.