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Do you know what performance the PCB circuit board must have?​

  As the core part of electronic products, PCB circuit boards are self-evident. In order to ensure that PCB circuit boards can be used normally for a long time, PCB circuit board manufacturers have strict requirements in terms of design and production. The following editor introduces what performance the PCB circuit board must have?

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  1. High reliability: The PCB circuit board can ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the PCB through a series of inspections, tests and aging tests.

2.Assemblability: PCB circuit board products are not only convenient for standardized assembly of various components, but also can be automated and mass-produced on a large scale. At the same time, PCB circuit boards and various component assembly parts can be assembled to form larger parts and systems, up to the complete machine.

3. Maintainability: PCB circuit board products and various component assembly parts are standardized design and large-scale production, so these parts are also standardized.

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4. Designability: PCB circuit boards can realize printed circuit board design through design standardization and standardization. It has the characteristics of short time and high efficiency, which can meet various performance requirements of PCB circuit boards, such as electrical, physical, chemical, and mechanical Wait.

5. High-density: PCB circuit boards have developed from the initial single-layer board to double-sided and multi-layer boards, and now they are constantly developing in the direction of high precision, high density and high reliability.

6. Testability: PCB circuit board manufacturers can detect and appraise the eligibility and service life of PCB products by purchasing advanced test equipment and instruments and establishing a complete test plan.