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What are the requirements for pcb design for pcba board processing?

What are the requirements for pcb design for pcba board processing?
   The pcba board design must meet the requirements of SMT equipment, surface assembly process and reflow soldering process. So, what are the requirements of PCB design for PCB processing? Let's listen to the detailed summary of Baiqiancheng Electronic Editor, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

  ①Determine the size and structure shape of the pcba board according to the structure of the whole machine;

  ②The assembly form and process design of pcba board;

  ③PCB material selection;

  ④Component selection, including the name, quantity, specification, size, size, etc. of SMD components and plug-in components;

  ⑤SMC/SMD (mount components) pad design;

  ⑥THC (insertion component) pad design;

  ⑦ Wiring design, including how to set the signal wire and ground wire, how to connect each component, etc.;

  ⑧ Setting of connection between pad and printed wire;

  ⑨The setting of via hole and test point;

pcb board

       ⑩Setup of solder mask and wire mesh;

       ⑪The overall layout of the components; the layout requirements are balanced, dense and orderly, while ensuring the electrical performance of the circuit board and the feasibility and convenience of production and installation, making it neat and beautiful;

       ⑫The arrangement direction design of reflow soldering and wave soldering patch components;

       ⑬Minimum spacing design of components;

       ⑭ Template design.

The above is a detailed introduction of "What are the requirements of PCB design for PCB processing?" summarized by the electronic editor. If you have any doubts, please contact us. If you have cooperation, welcome to inquire, thank you!
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