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China High Speed Rail: PCB customized turnkey project
PCB Tech
China High Speed Rail: PCB customized turnkey project

China High Speed Rail: PCB customized turnkey project


   Looking back on the history of my country's high-speed rail development, compared to other countries, it is still too late to start. The world's first high-speed railway was the Japanese Tokaido Shinkansen, which was completed and put into operation in 1964, and China's first high-speed passenger dedicated line, the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, was officially opened on August 1, 2008. China's high-speed rail has developed rapidly in just a few years, and the current mileage has already accounted for half of the world's total high-speed rail mileage. The reason why the development is so fast, especially the core technology, is that it has gone through the process of introduction, copying, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, which has promoted the safety and technical content of the equipment to a new height and a high starting point. It is also more conducive for high-speed rail enterprises to move towards a higher level of technological innovation and brand building under the premise of cost advantages.

  The concept and technical significance of PCB copy board

pcb board

The so-called PCB copy board, that is, circuit board copy board, is also called PCB clone, imitation or reverse design. It is a 1:1 extraction and restoration of technical files such as PCB files, BOM lists, schematic diagrams, etc. of existing electronic products or circuit boards. , And then use these technical files to carry out the process of PCB manufacturing and original product cloning. Therefore, with the use of copy board technology, companies can not only understand the manufacturing process and technical advantages of other countries' high-speed rail components, but also master the design principles and accumulate technical experience to provide reference for their own product design. After digestion and absorption, it will be beneficial to the second time of local high-speed rail. Development.

   China's high-speed rail technology has won the attention of all countries

   High-speed rail technology has always been called "major power technology." In the past, the only countries that were at the forefront of this technology were France, Japan, and Germany. Today, China's high-speed railway technology system has even won the attention of traditional railway powers such as the United States and Russia. Since last year, Premier Li Keqiang has frequently used the "business card" of China's high-speed rail during his visits to many countries. In his talks with leaders of Thailand, Romania, Ethiopia, and the United Kingdom, it is not difficult to see the affirmation of my country's high-speed rail technology by various countries. At the same time, it also gave hope to the cooperation with China's high-speed rail technology.

  PCB copy board leads high-speed rail "going out"

   At present, it is the best time for China's high-speed rail to "go out". The advanced PCB copy technology is not ashamed. It is not only a "vanguard" of "created in China", but also a "leader" of global high-speed rail. Especially in the future market, if China's high-speed rail wants to "go global", it must learn to adapt to globalization, not only selling products, but also selling services. This requires PCB copy board technology to learn from more excellent design concepts and local culture from abroad, and to better take on turnkey projects and general contracting models, so that customers can really save time, money and worry.

Through the development trajectory of China's high-speed rail, it is not difficult to see that PCB copy board is a good "catch-up" path in the early stage. China's high-speed rail copy board output is not only the production of equipment prototypes, but will also extend service in the future, design forward, and let copy Board customization adapts to global standards faster.