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Beijing pilot "smart parking" PCB copy board revival flame
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Beijing pilot "smart parking" PCB copy board revival flame

Beijing pilot "smart parking" PCB copy board revival flame


     The number of cars in China has increased at different rates every year, with more and more people driving, but traffic congestion has become the biggest nuisance to people's travel, and even parking has become a headache for car owners. You often need to pick up your card and pay for parking in the parking lot. Sometimes the process takes half an hour due to too many people. Can you also have this experience? With the development of science and technology from time to time, traffic is gradually becoming intelligent, so smart parking is also expected to improve. Recently, Beijing has become a pilot for smart parking. This move will once again ignite the flame of PCB copy board revival.

The so-called smart parking refers to the parking lot through the high-definition camera to identify the license plate number,

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the Alipay wallet official account automatically bills and pays the fee. The entire parking process only takes a few seconds. The owner can pay for parking early when in restaurants, shopping malls, and cinemas. After payment, the parking lot will automatically reserve 20-30 minutes for the owner, and the owner only needs to take it out within this time. The application of the intelligent parking system not only facilitates being a car owner, but also improves the operating efficiency of the parking lot. It can also help the parking lot save labor costs and improve the efficiency of fund management.

   Previously, PCB copy board has played a certain role in the field of transportation; this time the Beijing pilot smart parking has ignited the revival of the application of PCB copy board in the field of intelligent transportation. Applying reverse research technology to analyze the composition and structure, design concepts, and manufacturing materials of existing electronic products, so as to control the core technology of the product, and then consume similar products. This process is called PCB copying. For a period of time, PCB copy board encountered cold in the transportation field, but with the gradual rise of intelligent transportation, copy board has regained its vitality. It touched the automatic license plate recognition system, urban traffic emergency command system, video detection violation system, parking monitoring, and billing. Charges and so on.

PCB copy board effectively perfects the intelligent transportation system technology and application; it is actually a process of absorption and innovation. After copy board technology, we can learn the world's most advanced intelligent transportation technology and use it as a reference to improve my country's various intelligent transportation system. As the saying goes, there are comparative talents to distinguish between good and bad. Therefore, with PCB copy board, we can understand the world's advanced systems. After comparison, we will know the lack of my country's intelligent transportation system and targeted rectification. Nowadays, board copy companies have also successfully transformed and stopped secondary development while also independently researching and developing related transportation systems or products.

  Many relevant departments of intelligent transportation projects have handed over to the copy board companies to maintain, upgrade and develop; PCB copy boards have become popular in the transportation field. In the future, the level of traffic intelligence will be further deepened, and copy boards will be needed to support the long-term normal operation of traffic lines.