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Fever-removed PCB board is a new direction for luxury cars
PCB Tech
Fever-removed PCB board is a new direction for luxury cars

Fever-removed PCB board is a new direction for luxury cars


As Shanghai has reached the top of the "congestion" king, traffic congestion in Chinese cities has become more and more serious, especially in some super large and large cities. The congestion delay index is above 2. That is, because of traffic congestion, public travel needs to spend non-congestion state. Arrive at the destination in more than twice the time. This time was wasted on transportation, which seriously affected the rapid development of China's economy. It can be seen from this that the era of rapid growth of Chinese luxury cars has passed. Industry insiders analyzed that localization and miniaturization may be the new direction of the development of China's luxury car market, perhaps this is also a new era of PCB change!

  The meaning of PCB change for luxury cars

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  As part of the PCB copy board, PCB modification is the process of changing the position of the components in the board, modifying the program, modifying and optimizing the schematic diagram, and re-laying out the lines according to the individual needs of the customer. PCB modification plays an important role in secondary development (including secondary development of software functions and secondary development of hardware functions). This is also very important for the modification of foreign super luxury cars.

By copying the PCB board of foreign tall and large cars, it is possible to reverse the full set of technical data such as the schematic diagram, BOM list, PCB file, etc., after digestion and absorption, and then on the basis of the original board to change the PCB board, re-layout and wire, and reduce the circuit board. At the same time, it does not reduce the function of the product or continuously improve the function of the product on this basis. In addition, the PCB modification can also check the leaks of imported luxury cars, prevent the "prism door incident" from breaking out again, and make imported luxury cars continue to be localized and miniaturized.

  The value of PCB conversion for luxury cars

The PCB copy board company can not only improve and solve some of the defects and deficiencies in the current PCB design and wiring, but also has a full set of advanced experimental equipment that can test all the states of the PCB board circuit signals to meet the customer's requirements for the PCB conversion of luxury cars. For those customers who focus on domestically produced miniaturized luxury cars, it saves a lot of time and costs for board modification, helping customers always have a leading edge in the product market, and creating value for customers.

   In short, the innovative ability of PCB copy board conversion is not only an important foundation for the luxury car industry to accelerate the transformation of miniaturization and realize the transformation and upgrading, but also an important guarantee for the quality and safety of domestically produced small luxury cars. With the development of society and economy, the increasing quality requirements will inevitably prompt the PCB copy board industry to speed up the innovation of the board, check for leaks and make up its own PCB design capabilities. With the rise of my country's small-scale localized automobile manufacturing strategy, PCB copy board industry Localization research will also make outstanding contributions.