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The development of spare parts in the PCB industry
PCB Tech
The development of spare parts in the PCB industry

The development of spare parts in the PCB industry


   In recent years, with the advancement of technology, many imported equipment has been aging, and its key wearing parts and spare parts are in urgent need of replacement. However, because foreign parties often only provide spare parts that are used for two years, many commonly used spare parts face the dilemma of no inventory; some spare parts require huge purchases due to their particularity and specificity, and the delivery cycle is long. Poor purchase channels will affect production arrangements. Therefore, using PCB copy board to learn and absorb foreign advanced technology and successfully localize imported spare parts is the key to solving these problems.

  PCB copy board provides guarantee for spare parts maintenance and update

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Of course, the PCB copying of imported equipment and the realization of spare parts maintenance are all comprehensive technical tasks, which need to follow the principles of ensuring production, reducing costs, and reducing inventory, and are gradually and steadily carried out based on the premise of familiarity with equipment performance and full understanding of the production process. . The author believes that the reverse push of PCB copy board schematic diagram, BOM list production and chip decryption can just strengthen the collection of product information and provide protection for the realization of spare parts maintenance. At the same time, we should also arrange for someone to keep abreast of the latest information on domestic imported equipment and spare parts, and to grasp information on equipment performance, production process characteristics, and damage characteristics of spare parts.

   It is understood that a schematic diagram is a drawing composed of electrical symbols used to analyze the principle of the circuit. It plays an indispensable role in the process of product debugging, maintenance, and improvement. Then, by using the PCB copy board schematic diagram to reverse push, we can easily find spare parts maintenance, improvement measures, and know which ones need to be replaced and which ones do not need to be replaced, so as to avoid unnecessary waste. At the same time, when the imported equipment spare parts are aging, we can also carry out PCB modification, schematic design and software and hardware secondary development on this basis, so as to speed up the replacement of imported equipment spare parts.

  PCB copy board digestion and absorption master spare parts maintenance methods

PCB copy board may appear to be copying, copying, and cloning of circuit boards. In fact, with the continuous development and deepening of the copy board industry, today's PCB copy board also includes the encryption chip decryption on the board and the principle of PCB Technical concepts such as map reverse push, BOM list production, PCB modification, design and so on. Therefore, using PCB copy technology, we can not only accurately clone the original parts and decrypt the production related parts, but also digest, absorb and innovate, master the maintenance methods such as diagnosis technology, fault decoding, disassembly and assembly technology.