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About PCB electronic processing contract template
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About PCB electronic processing contract template

About PCB electronic processing contract template


        Regardless of doing any business, if both parties reach a consensus on cooperation, a formal agreement or contract is required. Companies that do PCB processing are the same, in order to avoid disputes, they can better distinguish responsibilities

It is very necessary to make a pcb processing contract. When providing customized services to customers, the PCB processing contract is more detailed. The following is a contract template, which can be done on the basis of the template if necessary.

Adjustment and modification of content.

PCB processing contract

Contract No:___________________________

person A person B:  

Address: Address:

In view of the fact that Party A entrusts Party B to process circuit boards (PCB), Party B accepts the entrustment. In order to clarify the rights and obligations, the two parties have reached an agreement through consultation and in accordance with the provisions of the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" to enter into this contract and abide by it together.

1. Please refer to the quotation sheet for the product name, model, specification, material, process requirements, quantity, unit price and other items of PCB.

2. Quality requirements and technical standards

Party B processes and produces in accordance with the national industry standards and the model approved by Party A, and implements three guarantees for the products. If Party A has special requirements for quality or technical standards, it shall provide written opinions for Party B's confirmation before production.

3. Prototype production and confirmation

pcb board

There are two types of Party A’s samples, one is R&D proofing, and the other is pre-production sample sealing.

For R&D proofing, Party B will proof one set for Party A free of charge every month. If it exceeds, the engineering fee will be charged according to each board: ______ yuan for each style on one side, and ______ yuan for each style on both sides. Party A will withdraw from the sample fee collected when the total amount of the formal production reaches ______ yuan.

Another kind of pre-production sealing samples. Party B will send samples to Party A for confirmation after receiving the production order from Party A. After Party A confirms, it shall return the confirmation letter. Party B produces according to the model confirmed by both parties.

Four, mold charges

Party B shall make molds according to Party A's requirements. The cost of the mold shall be borne by Party A. Ordinary molds are calculated according to the mold opening size, ______ yuan per square centimeter, and the minimum consumption is ______ yuan/set; hard molds are calculated according to the mold opening size, ______ yuan per square centimeter, and the minimum consumption is ______ yuan/set.

If the total production volume of the PCB of this section exceeds RMB ______, Party B shall return the mold fee of RMB ______ or more to Party A. If the total production volume of the PCB exceeds RMB ______, Party B shall return it to Party A. square.

The mold shall be owned by Party B after Party B returns Party A's mold fee. If this type of mold has not produced PCB in Party B for more than one year, Party B can handle the mold by itself and notify Party A.

V. Confidentiality requirements for technical information

Party B shall keep confidential the technical information of Party A learned during the performance of this contract. It shall not be disclosed to others without the permission of Party A. If there is an infringement of Party A’s technical secrets and there is sufficient evidence to prove that it was carried out by Party B, Party A has the right to pursue Party B’s legal responsibility in accordance with the law.

6. Acceptance standards, methods and deadlines

Both parties agree to check and accept in accordance with the national GB2828-87 standard. Party B shall inspect and accept the goods when receiving the goods. If it considers that there is a quality problem, it shall raise an objection in writing within ____ days from the date of receiving the goods. For quality objections, both parties shall conduct inspection and testing in accordance with national industry standards or agreed standards. If both parties confirm that there is a quality problem, the maximum compensation for Party B shall not exceed twice the value of the defective PCB circuit board.

Seven, delivery method

Party B sends freight or express (small batch), and the freight is paid by Party A.

Time: According to Party B's return of the order delivery date, or according to the negotiation between the two parties.

8. Settlement method and deadline

Payment before delivery □ / cash on delivery □ / month end _______ days.

Reconciliation starts on the 25th of each month. If an invoice is required, Party B will issue an invoice to Party A before the 5th of the following month. Party A pays to Party B before ____ at the end of the following month.

Party B will grant a certain credit limit based on the cooperation and reputation of both parties. If the credit limit is exceeded, Party B will suspend supply to Party A until Party A pays the amount owed.

The initial credit limit is ________________ million.

9. Liability for breach of contract

1. Party A shall pay for the goods in accordance with the settlement method and time limit agreed in this contract. If the payment is overdue, Party B shall have the right to stop receiving orders, production, and supply. Party A shall pay Party B a penalty of 1/1000 of the excess futures amount per day.

2. Party B shall deliver the goods on time. If the delivery is overdue, Party B shall pay Party A a penalty of 1/1000 of the overdue delivery amount per day.

3. The PCB circuit board is a special product, and Party A cannot cancel the order after placing the order. If it is cancelled, Party B must compensate for the economic loss caused by it.

, Ways to resolve contract disputes

In the process of performing this contract, if there is a dispute or dispute, both parties shall resolve it through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party may file a suit in a people's court with jurisdiction.

10. The validity period of this contract is ______, from ______ year ____ month ____ day to ______ year ____ month ____ day. After the contract expires, if there is no objection between the two parties, the validity of this contract will be extended until the two parties sign a new contract.

11. This contract is in duplicate, with each party holding one copy, which has the same legal effect. This contract will come into effect after the two parties sign it.

12. Attachments to this contract: quotations, orders, signature confirmations, delivery notes, statements, etc. are an integral part of this contract, and have the same effect as this contract.

13. Our company's invoicing unit is:

person A person B                     

Unit name: Unit name:

Address: Address:

Legal representative: Legal representative:

Entrusted representative: Entrusted representative:

Phone: Phone:

Account Bank: Account Bank:

Account: Account:

 Note: Both parties are required to sign and affix their official seals, then this contract will come into effect.