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Microwave Tech - What are the special properties of high-frequency circuit boards?

Microwave Tech

Microwave Tech - What are the special properties of high-frequency circuit boards?

What are the special properties of high-frequency circuit boards?


High-frequency circuit boards are mainly equipped to handle high-frequency signals such as mixing, vibration, and carrier waves. When used in related spectrograph facilities, not only can the facilities live in high-frequency conditions and offices are not affected by electromagnetic waves, but also enhance wireless networks and The progress of numerical standardization is generally widely used in fields such as wireless networks and satellite communications. Then, what are the special characteristics of high-frequency circuit boards with guaranteed quality?

1. The dielectric constant of the high-frequency circuit board is small and stable, because the high dielectric constant of the circuit board is likely to cause the signal transmission to be delayed, so generally the smaller the dielectric constant, the better. At the same time, in order to make the high-frequency circuit board In use, it has a satisfactory effect of transmission and transmission of signals. Generally, the transmission efficiency of the signal is inversely proportional to the square root of the dielectric constant of the material.

2. Because the large media damage has a greater effect on the quality of signal transmission, generally selecting high-frequency circuit boards with lower media damage will have a correspondingly smaller signal damage, so it will not affect the group facilities The transmission of signals caused changes in the operational performance of the facility.

high-frequency circuit boards

3. The high-frequency circuit board should try its best to maintain the same thermal expansion coefficient as the copper foil, so as to avoid the copper foil clutch in the cold and heat changes, and prevent the signal transmission of the circuit board from being affected in the later use.

4, because the high-frequency circuit board with high water absorption in humid weather affects the dielectric constant and the damage of the medium in the special situation of moisture penetration, in order to better display the performance of the circuit board, the material is generally selected with low water absorption in the use of materials. The material is manufactured, and it is also satisfactory in terms of heat resistance, chemical resistance and shedding strength.

The above is the special nature of high-frequency circuit boards with guaranteed quality, because now many electronic industries and some spectrograph facilities are widely used in high-frequency circuit boards, in order to enable the facility group to get better optimization and To make its circuit signal more stable, it is better to buy high-quality products from good-service high-frequency circuit board manufacturers for implementation.