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What is the use of smt patch and what is the operating principle?
What is the use of smt patch and what is the operating principle?

What is the use of smt patch and what is the operating principle?


SMT is also called electronic circuit surface assembly technology (abbreviation of SurfaceMountedTechnology). It is a popular technology in the electronics assembly industry. It is widely used in the electrical industry and is mainly used for welding. So what is the working principle? I believe many people will be more interested. Next, this article will share with you some information about the characteristics of smt patches and the content of the processing flow. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

1. What does smt patch do?

1. Electronic products are pursuing miniaturization. The perforated plug-in components used in the past cannot be reduced, and the functions of electronic products are better. The integrated circuits (ICs) used no longer have perforated components, especially large-scale and highly integrated ICs, so they have to adopt appearances. With the mass production of SMD components and automation of consumption, the factory must produce products with low cost and high output to meet customer needs and enhance market competitiveness.

2. The development of electronic components, the development of integrated circuits (IC), the diversified application of semiconductor materials, and the reaction of electronic technology are imperative to pursue international trends.

2. What is the working principle of smt placement machine?

pcb board

1. Mounting, also known as SMT, is to mount components on the printed PCB with a mounter equipment. The reason why the word "sticking" is used in the process of patching is that the solder paste contains a flux composition, which has a certain degree of viscosity, and can stick to the components when it is not melted. SMT is also called patch, which means to paste materials on the circuit board.

2. The principle of SMT is simple and complicated at the same time. It is simple because it evolved from the original manual soldering, that is, the components are placed on the circuit board with tweezers, and the placement machine uses the placement head The components are attached to the PCB board by vacuum suction; the complexity is because the actual patch situation is very complicated. Through the improvement of technology, all the traditional hand plug-ins are changed into patch parts, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the entire industry The supply chain has changed accordingly, and has undergone earth-shaking changes.

3. Product placement program: Any type of placement machine will need to make placement programs in advance through the Gerber, coordinate file, BOM, and location map provided by the customer. Then through the placement head (suction nozzle), feeder and track of the placement machine to complete the entire placement process.

4. Suction nozzle: There are 12 suction nozzles on the patch head, the center of the suction nozzle is empty, and the material is sucked by vacuum.

5. Feeder: It is the feeder. According to the placement program made by the placement machine programmer, it is printed as a station table. The operator installs the materials on the feeder according to the order of the station table, and the rows of feeders are installed to On the placement machine.

6. Plug in the power, the gear drives the material belt, and the material belt advances the program command to specify the suction nozzle to suck the material at the specified position, and then paste it to the position specified by the coordinates.

The above is to share with you some content about the characteristics of smt patch and what is the processing flow. I hope you will like it.