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PCB assembly: surface mount (SMT)

PCB assembly: surface mount (SMT)
Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
SMT components are the most common type in modern electronic products. Compared with similar PTH products, they are smaller, cheaper and easier to assemble. They are assembled at extremely high speeds using a pick and place machine and soldered using a reflow oven. This makes them ideal for mass production, but they are much more difficult to assemble by hand. Hand soldering SMT components requires more practice than PTH, and sometimes requires more equipment, such as a reflow oven or hot air rework station.


Usually smaller and cheaper than PTH components.

It is easy to carry out mass assembly through production equipment.

As demand increases, more parts are available.

It is usually difficult to assemble by hand.

It may be weaker for connections that require strength (such as connectors).

The solder joints are easily broken and degraded due to their small size.


When should I use SMT components?
If your design must be small.

If you need a chip that is not in the PTH package.

If you want to mass produce your design.