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Tips for repairing PCB circuit boards

Here are some tips for repairing PCB circuit boards   

The PCB circuit board is based on an insulating board, cut to a certain size, and at least one conductive pattern is attached to it, and holes (such as component holes, fastening holes, metallized holes, etc.) are used to replace the electronic components of the previous equipment. The chassis of the device, and complete the interconnection between the electronic components.

PCB circuit board

PCB circuit board repair is a new type of repair work. In recent years, the degree of automation of industrial equipment has become higher and higher, so the number of industrial control boards for each job is also increasing. After the industrial control board is damaged, the high cost of replacing the PCB circuit board (as little as a few thousand yuan, as much as possible) Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands) has also become a very headache for all enterprises.

Most of these damaged PCB circuit boards can be repaired in China, and the cost is only 20%-30% of the purchase of a new board, and the time taken is much shorter than that of foreign boards. The following introduces the basic knowledge of PCB circuit board repair.


pcb board

Almost all PCB circuit board repairs do not have drawings and materials, so many people are skeptical about PCB circuit board repairs. Although various circuit boards are very different, the same thing is that each PCB circuit board is composed of various integrated blocks and resistors. , Capacitors and other components, so the damage of the PCB circuit board must be caused by the damage of one or some of the components.

The idea of PCB circuit board repair is based on the above elements. Circuit board repair is divided into two parts: inspection and repair, during which inspection occupies a very important position. The basic knowledge of repairing each device on the PCB circuit board is tested, until the bad parts are found and replaced, then a PCB circuit board is repaired. High precision pcb circuit board

PCB circuit board inspection is the process of finding, acknowledging and correcting the shortcomings of each electronic component on the PCB circuit board. In fact, the entire inspection process is the inspection process of the thought process and the supply of logical reasoning. Therefore, the inspection engineer must gradually accumulate experience and continuously improve the level in the maintenance, inspection, and repair process of the PCB circuit board.

General electronic equipment is composed of countless components. During maintenance and overhaul, it will be very time-consuming to directly inspect each component in the PCB circuit board one by one to find the problem, and it will not be easy to implement. . Then the check-in repair method from the defect phenomenon to the defect cause is an important repair method. The PCB circuit board only needs to detect the address of the problem, then the repair is very simple.

Through the above PCB circuit board repair skills, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.