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SMT component welding and processing technology
SMT component welding and processing technology

SMT component welding and processing technology


This year, electronic and mechanical equipment is working hard for small size and high quality, but it is necessary to use SMT to process chip components. SMT chip factory components are small, light and easy to solder. In addition, in the maintenance and debugging, the decomposition is easier than the SMT plug-in. It can also improve the reliability and stability of the circuit and reduce unnecessary volume in the device.

Novices of electronic equipment enthusiasts always feel that SMT patch components are too small and difficult to solder. The existing SMT components are easier to solder to the plug-in, but in fact, SMT patch components are easier to solder. The welding method of the patch factory parts is introduced below.

The basic tools required for soldering SMT patch components include tweezers, electric soldering iron, tin absorption tape, hot air gun, anti-static bracelet, rosin, alcohol solution, and magnifying glass for desk lamp. The following is a brief introduction to the selection, use and function of the above tools.

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Tweezers: If you do not embroider the steel, use relatively sharp tweezers, you cannot use other tweezers that may have magnetic ends. This is because the magnetic tweezers make the parts stick to the tweezers during the welding process.

Electric soldering iron: For the conical long-life soldering iron, it is recommended that the radius of the soldering iron is less than 1 mm, and two soldering irons are prepared for easy use when disassembling parts.

Hot air gun: Electric soldering iron can be used to remove two or three-end components, but multiple lead components must be removed with a hot air gun. The hot air gun can improve the reusability of the separated parts and prevent the damage of the pad. In order to disassemble parts frequently, a hot air gun with good performance must be selected.

Tin absorption tape: When a short circuit occurs in the lead welding of an integrated circuit, the tin absorption tape is a good choice. At this time, the tin absorption tape cannot be used.

You must choose a magnifying glass with a lamp tube with a base (not a handheld magnifying glass). Because it is necessary to weld with one hand under a magnifying glass, turning on the light can make the field of vision clear and improve the visibility of the weld.

Skills of smt processing technology

The smt processing technology is complicated. Many people have this opportunity to open a factory after learning the processing technology, especially in the mature electronics industry. SMT processing has created an industry of initial scale. Many departments with subtle technology need to choose Shenzhen SMT processing. Factory for processing.

Attention must be paid to electrostatic discharge countermeasures during smt processing. The design and reconfiguration standards contained therein are very important as electrostatic discharge susceptibility, handling and protection measures in smt processing operations. If these standards are not clear, you can search and study related documents.

During the smt processing, the evaluation standards for welding technology and above are also completely consistent. The welding is used for common welding and manual welding and other related measures, and the welding technology and standards that should be used in the smt processing can refer to the welding technology evaluation guide.

Of course, the high-tech smt processing factory will make the processed products into 3D, the effect after processing reaches the standard, and the appearance is more perfect.

After the use of smt processing and welding technology, cleaning operations are carried out. If the safety cannot be guaranteed after smt processing and processing, it must be used as a strict standard. Therefore, the type and characteristics of the detergent should be selected when cleaning, and the integrity and safety of the equipment and process should be considered during the cleaning process.