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Understand the complexity and red glue of SMT processing
Understand the complexity and red glue of SMT processing

Understand the complexity and red glue of SMT processing


SMT patch processing has already created an industry that is beginning to take shape, and many units that require fine craftsmanship will choose a good SMT patch processing plant for processing. So what are the precautions for SMT chip processing?

When SMT patch processing, you must pay attention to electrostatic discharge measures. It mainly includes the design of SMT patch and the re-established standards, and in order to be sensitive to electrostatic discharge during SMT patch processing, corresponding treatment and protection are carried out. Measures are very critical. If these standards are not clear, you can refer to the relevant documents to learn.

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SMT chip processing must fully comply with the above evaluation standards of welding technology. When welding, ordinary welding and manual welding are usually used, and the welding technology that needs to be used when processing SMT chip As well as standards, you can refer to the welding technology evaluation manual. Of course, some high-tech SMT patch processing plants also carry out 3D construction of the products that need to be processed, so that the effect after processing will reach the standard, and its appearance will be more perfect.

After the SMT chip processing and welding technology is the cleaning measure, the cleaning must be strictly in accordance with the standard, otherwise the safety after the SMT chip processing will not be guaranteed. Therefore, when cleaning, the type and nature of the cleaning agent are required, and the integrity and safety of the equipment and process need to be considered during the cleaning process.

Patch processing red glue

Patch processing adhesive is patch processing red glue, usually red (also yellow or white) paste is uniformly distributed with hardeners, pigments, solvents and other adhesives, which are mainly used for patch processing The components are fixed on the printed board and are generally distributed by dispensing or stencil printing. After attaching the components, put them in an oven or reflow oven to heat and harden.

SMD processing SMD adhesive is cured after being heated. The curing temperature of SMD processing is generally 150 degrees, and it will not melt after heating. That is to say, the thermal hardening process of SMD processing is irreversible. The effect of patch processing will vary due to thermal curing conditions, connected objects, equipment used, and operating environment. When using, the patch glue should be selected according to the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA processing) process.

PCBA patch processing red glue is a kind of chemical compound, the main component is polymer material. Patch processing fillers, curing agents, other additives, etc. Patch processing red glue has viscosity fluidity, temperature characteristics, wetting characteristics and so on. According to the characteristics of patch processing red glue, in production, the purpose of using red glue is to make the parts firmly stick to the surface of the PCB to prevent them from falling.

PCBA patch processing red glue is a purely consumable material, not a necessary PCB process product. Now with the continuous improvement of surface mount design and PCB process, patch processing through-hole reflow soldering and double-sided reflow soldering have been realized. The placement process that uses patch processing patch adhesives is becoming less and less.