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SMT product component placement list and feeder list
SMT product component placement list and feeder list

SMT product component placement list and feeder list


The smt mounting list includes component Ref ID, material code ID, X coordinate, y coordinate and mounting angle. This is the key data required for surface mounting and determines the exact position of the component on the circuit board. The material code is connected to the component database. After the suction nozzle on the placement head picks up the component at a specific position of the feeder, the component is photographed and identified according to the coordinates and angle of the placement component, plus the component obtained through correction Accurately place the component on the specified position on the circuit board due to the deviation of the material taking.

The placement order of components is the order of component placement. For turret placement machines, the reclaiming order of components is the same as the placement order of components; while for platform placement machines,

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if there are multiple suctions on the placement head Nozzle, component picking order and placement order can be different. Due to the development of computer applications, the placement sequence of various placement machines can now be automatically optimized, and some general-purpose software can automatically optimize the placement sequence of various placement machines. SMT components can generally be divided into different types such as Chip, Melf, QFP, SOlO, PLCC, SOJ, SOT and BGA.

The component database includes the length, width, and thickness of the component, the size of the component feature, the span, and the package of the component. In addition, for different machines, the component database also includes the types of placement heads and nozzles, the light intensity of the recognition camera, the type and direction of the default feeder of the component, and the identification method and special requirements. All the data contained in the component database will play a key role in the transportation, retrieval, identification, calibration and placement of components.

Feeder list

When a new component is added to the component placement list, this component will automatically add a record to the feeder list according to the default feeder model in the component database. The feeder list includes the component codes of various components, the model of the feeder used, the identification code of the location, and the correct orientation of the component on the feeder. If there is an individual component that cannot be passed during recognition, the component will be thrown away according to the setting of the throwing station in the component database or the program.

The above-mentioned main steps of SMT placement machine programming are required no matter which brand of placement machine is in the programming. Now the technology of domestic SMT placement machine manufacturers is also very mature. Choosing a cost-effective SMT placement machine is recommended to SMT placement machine manufacturer Guang Shengde to check the product quality and placement effect on site.