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SMT red glue knowledge and PCBA processing service
SMT red glue knowledge and PCBA processing service

SMT red glue knowledge and PCBA processing service


SMT patch red glue is a kind of polydilute compound. The difference from solder paste is that it solidifies after being heated, and its freezing point temperature is 150°C. At this time, the red glue begins to change from a paste to a solid directly.

SMT patch red glue has viscosity fluidity, temperature characteristics, wetting characteristics and so on. According to this characteristic of red glue, in production, the purpose of using red glue is to stick the parts firmly on the surface of the PCB to prevent them from falling.

Use on printing machine or dispenser:


1. In order to maintain the quality of the patch adhesive, please store it in the refrigerator (5±3℃);

2. Before taking it out of the refrigerator, it should be placed at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours;

3. Toluene or ethyl acetate can be used to clean the hose. Dispensing: ①. Add a back plug to the dispensing tube to obtain a more stable dispensing volume;

②. The recommended dispensing temperature is 30-35℃;

③When sub-packing the dispensing hose, please use a special glue dispenser for sub-packing to prevent

Air bubbles mixed in water Squeegee: The recommended squeegee temperature is 30-35℃. Note: Red

After the glue is removed from the refrigerated environment, it cannot be opened for use before it reaches room temperature. To avoid pollution

Dyeing original products, do not pour any used patch adhesive back into the original packaging.

PCBA/circuit board processing service

PCBA processing services, starting from the production of PCB circuit boards, supporting PCBA manufacturer (obtained extremely strict TS16949 certification for the automotive industry), focusing on the quality of the circuit boards and the PCBA quality control system. Due to decades of experience in electronic components procurement, we have maintained long-term cooperation with large-scale brands to ensure the original packaging and procurement channels of components. In the packaging process of the components, the Japanese Tamura TAMURA and Loctite solder paste are selected to ensure the reliability of the soldering, and the automatic printing machine, Samsung high-speed placement machine, upper and lower eight temperature zone reflow soldering, AOI automatic optical detector/X- RAY ray BGA inspection machine, etc., can effectively ensure the reliability and quality of the electronic packaging process. In addition, complete IPC, IPQC, OQA and other management processes, clear job responsibilities, and strict implementation of IPC electronic assembly acceptance standards. Regarding PCBA testing, we have professional engineers who use various test racks to perform 100% batch testing, including path, noise, amplitude, signal, temperature, humidity, drop, or execute customer detailed test plans. All efforts are aimed at becoming a refined PCBA processing manufacturer.

PCBA quotation needs to provide:

1. Complete PCB board-making documents (Gerber files, placement diagrams, steel mesh files) and board-making requirements;

2. Complete BOM (including model, brand, package, description, etc.);

3. PCBA assembly drawing.

PS: To report the test fee, the test method shall be provided.