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Where is the PCB in the era of smart terminals?
PCB Tech
Where is the PCB in the era of smart terminals?

Where is the PCB in the era of smart terminals?


   Driven by the "Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting Information Consumption and Expanding Domestic Demand", smart terminal products will become the focus of industry investment. A well-known research institution released today the "2015-2020 China Mobile Smart Terminal Industry Market Panoramic Research and Competitive Landscape Research Report", which stated that emerging mobile smart terminal products represented by wearable devices, smart homes and smart car products will be possible Give birth to a huge potential market. In this era of information consumption, future smart terminals will also bring huge opportunities to the PCB industry.

  Incremental innovation of PCB copy board, intelligent terminals are popularized

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  The so-called progressive innovation of PCB copy board is to carry out secondary innovation or improvement innovation on the PCB circuit board after the reverse push of the PCB schematic diagram, the preparation of the BOM list and the restoration of the PCB file. The main feature of incremental innovation is to continuously use new technologies to make partial innovations to existing more advanced products to improve their performance. When an enterprise's technological accumulation is not particularly rich, incremental innovation will help products continue to popularize and improve.

   Through the gradual innovation of PCB copy board, smart terminal products are no longer out of reach, everyone can enjoy smart products, and the functions and performance of smart terminals can be continuously optimized by investigating the individual needs of consumers, and the user experience can be continuously improved. This is mainly manifested in lighter and thinner products, more suitable sizes, improved product configuration, continuous optimization of user experience, and new technologies applied to improve terminal performance and functions.

  PCB copy board breakthrough innovation to achieve future smart terminals

   The so-called breakthrough innovation of PCB copying refers to the realization of comprehensive independent innovation based on the digestion and absorption of PCB copying and gradual innovation, and the resulting new models or major scientific and technological achievements. Mention of the current emergence of wearable devices such as smart watches and Google smart glasses are actually breakthrough innovations based on prototype watches and glasses, and they are also preliminary explorations of new areas in the development of mobile terminals. PCB copy board is through continuous learning, absorbing and summarizing the advanced technological advantages of other countries, and the overall utilization of global innovation resources, and then realize the breakthrough innovation of the intelligent terminal process flow.

  PCB development depends more on the maturity of technology, the openness of patents, the coverage of mainstream market user needs, the maturity of the industrial chain, product prices and other factors. When technological innovation is adapted to the development cycle of the industrial chain and meets the needs of users, the popularization of new forms of intelligent terminals will bring about a new revolution in the PCB copy board industry.