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How to maintain and repair pcb circuit boards
PCB Tech
How to maintain and repair pcb circuit boards

How to maintain and repair pcb circuit boards


PCB circuit board repair is an emerging repair industry. In recent years, the degree of automation of industrial equipment has become higher and higher, so the number of industrial control boards in various industries has also increased. After the industrial control board is damaged, the high cost of replacing the PCB circuit board (as little as a few thousand yuan, as many as Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan) has also become a very headache for enterprises. In fact, most of these damaged PCB boards can be repaired in China, and the cost is only 20%-30% of the purchase of a new board, and the time taken is much shorter than that of foreign boards. The following describes the basic knowledge of PCB board maintenance.

PCB circuit board repair

         Almost all PCB board repairs do not have design drawings and materials, so many people are skeptical about PCB board repairs. Although various PCB boards are very different, the same thing is that each PCB board is composed of various integrated blocks, resistors, and capacitors. And other components, so the PCB board damage must be caused by damage to one or some of the components. The idea of PCB board maintenance is established based on the above factors. PCB board repair is divided into two parts: inspection and repair, of which inspection occupies a very important position. The basic knowledge of repairing each device on the PCB board is tested, until the bad parts are found and replaced, then a PCB board is repaired.
PCB board inspection is the process of finding, determining and correcting the failure of each electronic component on the PCB board. In fact, the entire inspection process is a thinking process and a test process that provides logical reasoning clues. Therefore, the inspection engineer must gradually accumulate experience and continuously improve the level in the process of PCB board maintenance, testing, and repair.
General electronic equipment is composed of thousands of components. During maintenance and overhaul, it will be very time-consuming and very time-consuming to find problems by directly testing and inspecting each component in the PCB board. difficulty. Then the check-in type inspection method from the fault phenomenon to the cause of the fault is an important method of inspection and repair. As long as the PCB board detects the problem, it is easy to repair.
Generally, there is this to identify how many layers of PCB are
         With the advancement of science and technology, the integration of electronic components has become higher and higher, and the number of layers of the motherboard PCB has gradually decreased. The materials that need to be "stacked" have also begun to be highly integrated. Think about the previous TVs that require a "so big" volume. It works, and the current LCD TV has been made very thin and the display effect is better (the difference between the CRT and the LCD technology is ignored here), and the DIY industry is also the same.
The side of an excellent PCB
        The material of the PCB is still different. At present, the mainstream PCB uses glass fiber as the main raw material. The identification method is very simple. The side is very flat and not rough. This is a better PCB. If you see particularly rough, it may be fire-resistant cardboard. If the material is PCB, please use this motherboard to draw the face of the store (all legal consequences caused by this action are borne by you, and the author is not prepared to take any responsibility). I'm sorry I didn't find the side photo of the fire-resistant cardboard PCB.
Click to view the side effect of the motherboard PCB
        A good PCB board is not necessarily particularly hard, but it must be very tough, and can quickly return to its original shape after being gently bent, and there will be no brittleness and deformation. Of course, if your strength is greater , I do not recommend that you use this method to test the strength of the motherboard, it is easy to cause damage outside the free warranty.