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High-Frequency Ceramic PCB

As the fifth-generation mobile communication system, the speed can be 100 times faster than 4G in theory. With so much signal strength, the corresponding signal frequency will be much larger, so the requirements for the hardware device of signal transmission will also be improved a lot.

It is understood that the future 5G network will deploy more than 10 times more than the existing stations of various wireless nodes, in the macro station coverage area, the distance between the stations will be maintained within 10 m, and support in every 1 km2 area for 25 000 users to provide services. At the same time, the ratio of the number of active users to the number of sites may reach 1:1, that is, users and service nodes correspond one to one. The densely deployed network shortens the distance between terminals and nodes, greatly improves the power and spectral efficiency of the network, expands the coverage of the network, expands the system capacity, and enhances the flexibility of services in different access technologies and coverage levels.

High-Frequency Ceramic PCB

On the other hand, that means the hardware will be 10 times more powerful, and it will have to be much better at high-frequency transmissions than the hardware used in 4G. So as the hardware of high-frequency transmission, the core of which is the circuit board.

Why will high-frequency ceramic PCB benefit from the advent of 5G? Because at present the transmission loss of the smallest circuit board is the ceramic circuit board, which has been widely used in the communications industry, the small high-frequency loss represents the need for infinite nodes will be less, in cost, there will be a very large gap.

Transmission loss is a phenomenon in which electrical signals transmitted in a circuit tend to be converted into heat and decay depending on the distance traveled or the resistance of the circuit itself. The extent of loss depends on the properties of the conductor (circuit) and the insulator (circuit board material) in contact with the circuit.

The low transmission loss of hf ceramic PCB is mainly due to the following points:

1, the reason for its ceramic substrate, the innate advantage of this material is incomparable to other circuit boards. Because its dielectric constant is low, so the dielectric loss is small, the conductive ability is strong.

2. At the same time, it is also affected by thermal conductivity. Under the high thermal conductivity, the thermal resistance is small, and the transmission loss is naturally small.

3, because of the circuit and substrate related, so the degree of cohesion is a very large test, only an ultra-high degree of cohesion to ensure the perfect transmission of electrical signals. Silom ceramic circuit board in this is very good, its use of the latest technology, so that the circuit and ceramic perfect combination, naturally also in communication applications on the great advantage.

The era of high-frequency ceramic PCB is coming, not only 5G, but also 6G, 7G, and so on. The high-frequency transmission will become a worldwide topic, and the iteration of communication technology will be faster than communication hardware. In the future battlefield, will the High-Frequency Ceramic PCB be replaced by new materials or update itself to keep up with the market pace? Look at new technology vendors like Silom. The old manufacturing era will pass away, and the new industrial era is a vast blue sky for everyone.