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PCBA processing skills sharing ​

PCBA processing skills sharing
We often discuss issues related to PCBA processing in our work, so are there any skills in PCBA processing? What are the skills. The answer is yes, the editor below will share with you one by one.

u The hole pattern of the steel plate is square, triangle, round, star, and bevel shape;

u The raw material of the computer-side PCB currently used is: glass fiber board FR4;

u Sn62Pb36Ag2 solder paste is mainly used for what kind of substrate ceramic board;

u The flux based on rosin can be divided into four types: R, RA, RSA, RMA;

u SMT segment exclusion with or without directionality;

pcb board

u The solder paste currently on the market only needs 4 hours of sticky time in practice;

u The full name of ESD is Electro-staTIcdischarge, which means electrostatic discharge in Chinese;

u When manufacturing SMT equipment program, the program includes five major ones, namely PCB data; Mark data; Feeder data; Nozzle data; Part data;

u The melting point of lead-free solder Sn/Ag/Cu 96.5/3.0/0.5 is 217C;

u The operating relative temperature and humidity of the parts drying box is <10%;

u Commonly used passive components include: resistors, capacitors, inductors (or diodes), etc.; active components include: transistors, ICs, etc.;

u The raw material of commonly used SMT steel plate is stainless steel;

u The thickness of commonly used SMT steel plate is 0.15mm;

u The types of electrostatic charge generated include conflict, separation, induction, electrostatic conduction, etc.; the impact of electrostatic charge on the electronics industry is: ESD failure, electrostatic pollution; the three principles of electrostatic elimination are electrostatic neutralization, grounding, and shielding.

u Inch size length x width 0603= 0.06inch*0.03inch, metric size length x width 3216=3.2mm*1.6mm;

u The 8th code "4" of ERB-05604-J81 indicates that there are 4 loops and the resistance value is 56 ohms. The capacitance of the capacitor ECA-0105Y-M31 is C=106PF=1NF =1X10-6F;

u Generally speaking, the regular temperature of pcb SMT chip processing workshop is 25±3℃;

u When printing solder paste, the materials and things needed to prepare solder paste, steel plate, scraper, wiping paper, dust-free paper, cleaning agent, mixing knife;

u The commonly used solder paste alloy composition is Sn/Pb alloy, and the alloy proportion is 63/37;

u The main components in the solder paste are divided into two parts: some tin powder and flux.

Well, the above is some of the PCBA processing skills shared by the editor, I hope it will be helpful to you