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How to store PCBA board

How to store PCBA board
We know that in the PCBA production process, the requirements for the production environment are very high. In fact, when storing PCBA boards, the requirements are also very high. The following editor of Shenzhen PCBA processing will briefly introduce the storage methods and shelf life of PCBA boards for you. The PCBA board needs to be vacuum packaged, because once the PCBA board is not sealed, the surface of the PCBA board will be oxidized due to the immersion of gold, tin spray and the bonding pads, which will affect the welding, which is not conducive to production.

So, how should PCBA boards be stored? The circuit board is no better than other products, and it cannot be in contact with air and water. First of all, the PCBA board cannot be damaged by vacuum. When packing, it is necessary to surround a layer of bubble film on the side of the box. The bubble film has better water absorption, which plays a good role in moisture prevention. Of course, moisture-proof beads are also indispensable. Then classify them and place them on labels. After sealing, the box must be stored in a dry and ventilated place with partition walls and off the ground, and avoid sunlight. The temperature of the warehouse is best controlled at 23±3℃, 55±10%RH. Under such conditions, PCBA boards with surface treatments such as immersion gold, electro-gold, spray tin, and silver plating can generally be stored for 6 months. PCBA boards with surface treatment such as tin, OSP, etc. can generally be stored for 3 months. For PCBA boards that are not used for a long time, the circuit board manufacturer is best to apply a layer of three-proof paint on it. The role of the three-proof paint can prevent moisture, dust and oxidation.


In this way, the storage life of the PCBA board will increase to 9 months. Baiqiancheng Electronics was established in 2003 and has been committed to providing customers with high-quality EMS electronics manufacturing services for more than 15 years. We proudly declare ourselves as a professional electronics manufacturing service provider. Our confidence comes from the support of more than 7000 square meters of modern management factory and more than 300 employees with professional skills, from the professional technology of our strong R&D team and modern production equipment synchronized with technology; more importantly, It comes from our scientific management philosophy and excellent execution. We are not an agent

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