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SMT product quality problems and the impact of processing
SMT product quality problems and the impact of processing

SMT product quality problems and the impact of processing


     Now that there are more and more SMT chip processing factories, people are gradually realizing the bad consequences brought about by the low quality of surface mount products, which has a serious impact on the normal development of the SMT processing industry. Therefore, to solve these problems, it is necessary to explain that the manufacturer urgently needs to check the production procedures and equipment necessary active optical monitoring equipment to reduce the loss caused by low quality.

      The demand of users for miniaturization of electronic products is increasing. SMT chip processing needs to be applied to mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, etc. with smaller volume, better quality, better functions, and higher power, both today and in the future. Therefore, as more companies demand for the miniaturization of SMT chip processing electronic products, companies are facing the difficult task of producing thousands of parts that are invisible under normal conditions. The problems faced by the low quality of SMT products.

      Companies are trying to assemble components as small as ants onto hundreds of thousands or even millions of PCBs. PCB components are distributed in extremely high density SMT chip processing. During the assembly process, the equipment used by the enterprise may have occasional or common systematic positioning errors due to many factors. These factors include: the ability to place 0402 or 0201 components, the problem of adhering to accurate placement positioning settings, aging problems, the number of components placed per hour before performance drops, and 0402 type boards due to accumulated debris suction nozzles. The problem of the previous moment, the ability of the operator to turn the reel, in addition to the problem of the quality of the standard solder. These are enough to make people understand why the cost of low product quality is huge. Compared with fault discovery, it is too late. Some faults in SMT patch processing are discovered during online testing, while at most 60% faults can be found in PCBa testing. Many products cannot be performed because of high assembly density or characterization. Online quizzes; there are some faults that are discovered during the performance test (if it is to test the product), and most of the shortcomings are discovered by the consumer. The vast majority of processing companies may have suffered from defective products, or they may have read reports on poor quality records and many returned products in the newspapers. This is much more than the cost of repairs.

The impact of backward equipment on SMT patch processing

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      In the process of SMT patch processing, since no active optical inspection equipment is used in the production process, many faults will occur, and these faults cannot be detected under the naked eye, although sometimes it takes several hours to detect a PCB The board is also powerless. At present, the only inspection method used in many countries, including China, can only be visual inspection. What is even more surprising is the average time it takes for each inspector to inspect a circuit board with more than 400 small components. For 10 minutes. For the same inspector, even if he was given 40 minutes to look at a circuit board with larger components and simpler components, 90% of the doubts could not be seen. And this problem is not only related to medium and high-capacity SMT. People have noticed that high-mix, low-volume surface mount products have similar problems. In many cases, rapid change often results in a serious failure of the SMT technology process.

      Returning to the root of the problem, without the use of active optical inspection equipment AOI, it is impossible to guarantee a reliable guarantee of the quality of the surface mount products. Although the picture-comparative active optical inspection equipment has shortcomings, it cannot solve the high-quality SMT patch processing brought by the active optical inspection equipment without supporting medium and high-volume surface mounting. Only equipped with the selected active optical inspection equipment AOI, the SMT processing plant has the ability to perform 100% AOI-supported inspections. Chip processing manufacturers' efforts to implement reliable active optical inspection not only save production costs, but also ensure the quality of chip processing, which has won the trust of customers more. This is Shenzhen Kujian Electronics Co., Ltd. Another embodiment of the SMT chip processing capability.