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PCB production, processing and packaging process
PCB Tech
PCB production, processing and packaging process

PCB production, processing and packaging process


PCB manufacturing packaging process: process goals, early packaging discussions, operating procedures and other concerns.

1. The process destination "packaging" is a very valuable step in PCB factories, usually not in the STEP process. The main reason is that, on the one hand, of course, because it does not generate added value, the two aspects are that Taiwan’s manufacturing industry has not produced value for a long time. Paying attention to product packaging can bring impossible benefits, and Japan has done the best in this regard. A closer look at some Japanese household appliances, daily necessities, and even food. The same function will make people more willing to spend more money on Japanese goods. This has nothing to do with Double Ninth Festival, but the control of consumer mentality. Therefore, especially the packaging will be explored independently, so that PCB operators know that small improvements may have obvious effects.

For example, a flexible PCB is usually a small piece, and it is a large number of packaging methods in Japan. It may be for the shape of the product, especially for the opening of the packaging container, which is easy to use and protect.

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2. Discussion of early packaging Early packaging methods, see the form of outdated transport packaging methods, detailed description of its lack.

There are still some small factories packaging in accordance with these methods. The domestic PCB production capacity is expanding very fast, and most of them are exported, so the competition is very fierce. Not only the competition between domestic factories, but also the competition with the two largest PCB factories in the United States and Japan, in addition to the technical level and quality of the products themselves, they are recognized by customers. The quality of packaging needs to meet customer satisfaction.

The electronics factory is almost a little scaled. Now PCB factories are required to ship and pack. The following items must be paid attention to. Some even directly give out the specifications of the transport packaging.

1. Vacuum packaging requirements

2. The number of printing plates per iteration is limited by size limitations

3. The tightness of each overlapping PE film and the specifications of the remaining edge width

4. Specification requirements for PE film and foam cloth (bubble board)

5. Carton weight specifications, etc.

6. Are there special requirements to place the buffer in front of the carton inner panel

7. Tolerance specifications after sealing

8. Weight limit per box

At present, the domestic vacuum skin packaging (Vacuum Skin Packaging) is roughly the same, the main difference lies in the effective working area and the degree of automation. 3. Vacuum sealed packaging (vacuum skin packaging)

Operating procedures

1. Preparation: Position the PE film, manually operate whether the mechanical action is normal, set the PE film heating temperature, vacuum time, etc.

2. Stacking board: When the number of stacked boards is fixed, the height is also fixed. At this time, you must consider how to stack it to maximize the output and save the material. The following are several principles:

1. The distance between each stack of boards depends on the specifications (thickness) and (standard 0.2m/m) of the PE film. Using the principle of being softened and elongated by heating, while vacuum is sucked, the coated board is pasted with the bubble cloth . The spacing is generally at least twice the total thickness of each stack. If it is too large, material will be wasted; if it is too small, it will be more difficult to cut and the sticking part will fall off easily or it will not stick at all.

2. The distance between the outermost board and the edge must also be at least twice the thickness of the board.

1. If the PANEL size is not large, according to the above-mentioned packaging method, materials and manpower will be wasted. If the quantity is very large, it can also be molded into containers similar to soft board packaging, and then PE film shrink packaging. There is another way, but it must be agreed by the customer to leave no gaps between each stack of boards, but separate them with cardboard, and take the appropriate number of stacks. There are also hard paper or corrugated paper underneath.

2. Start: A. Press start, the heated PE film will be led down by the pressure frame to cover the table. B. Then the bottom vacuum pump will suck in air and stick to the circuit board, and stick it with the bubble cloth. C. Raise the outer frame after the heater is removed to cool it. D. After cutting the PE film, pull the chassis apart to separate each stack

1. Packing: If the customer specifies the packing method, it must be in accordance with the customer's packing specification; if the customer does not specify, the factory packing specification must be established on the principle of protecting the board from external damage during the transportation process. Matters needing attention, As mentioned earlier, especially the packing of exported products must be paid special attention.

2. Other precautions for PCB packaging:

1. Information that must be written outside the box, such as "oral wheat head", material number (P/N), version, period, quantity, important information, etc. And the words Made in Taiwan (if export).

2. Attach relevant quality certificates, such as slices, weldability reports, test records, and various customer-required test reports, and place them in the way specified by the customer. Packaging is not a question of the university. Doing it with your heart will save a lot of trouble that shouldn't happen.