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What are the reasons for the failure of pcba processing solder joints

What are the reasons for the failure of pcba processing solder joints
With the continuous progress of the times, products in the electronics industry are developing in a series of directions such as miniaturization, precision, thinness of the fuselage, and fan heat problems. The requirements for PCBA processing and assembly density are getting higher and higher, and of course the corresponding circuit boards The above solder joints are getting smaller and smaller, and the subsequent stability requirements are getting higher and higher; but in the actual processing process, PCB solder joint failure problems will also be encountered. We all know the chip processing industry. When processing the chip, not only must the integrity of the chip be guaranteed, but also pay attention to whether the solder joints on the chip are complete, because if the solder joints are incomplete, the solder joints will fail, etc. As a result, a series of problems arise. The following Hundred Thousand Achievements will explain in detail what are the main reasons for the failure of solder joints in PCBA processing?

1. The pins of the components on the circuit board are in poor contact: the pins may be contaminated by things in the process, or oxidized, causing the patch solder joints to fail.

2. PCB pads are bad: the plating layer is contaminated, the surface is oxidized, and warping occurs.

3. Solder impurity: The composition is unreasonable during the processing, and the impurity in the solder exceeds the standard, resulting in oxidation.

4. Flux quality defects: poor-quality fluxes have poor soldering properties, but are highly corrosive, leading to failure of solder joints on the patch.

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5. Defects in the control of manufacturing process parameters: Due to the unreasonable design, the failure to control the process in the process, and the deviation of equipment debugging, the solder joints did not reach the precise position, which led to the failure of the solder joints.

6. Defects of other auxiliary materials: If the adhesive is deteriorated and the cleaning agent is not selected, it will cause the solder joint to fail.

Methods to improve the reliability of pcba solder joints:

To improve the reliability of solder joints during PCB processing, we need to make possible analysis of failed products, find out the failure mode, analyze the failure causes, and then analyze the collective causes in detail, and then we will correct and improve the design process , Structural parameters, welding technology and improving the yield rate of pcba processing, etc., only in this way is responsible for customers.

Well, the above is for you to share the reasons for the failure of the solder joints processed by pcba and the sharing of the possibility of improving the solder joints. I hope to help you find the reasons for the failure of the solder joints. Follow the Baiqiancheng website for more industry information!
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