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Different SMT placement machines and characteristics
Different SMT placement machines and characteristics

Different SMT placement machines and characteristics


Choose SMT placement machines with different speeds

    Before choosing and purchasing SMT placement machines, we will have a certain understanding, and then based on the comparison of various information, select the appropriate SMT placement machine itself, but in the SMT placement machine processing industry, the speed of SMT placement is There are many different models of products, we cannot decide which model is right for you, here let us briefly introduce the fully automatic SMT machine

    First of all, the structure of the machine is different: many slower SMT laminating machines have an arc structure, which is relatively simple in structure, poor in installation accuracy, small in footprint, and low in environmental requirements. The structure of the high-speed SMT assembly machine is more complicated than the turret structure, which can meet the installation accuracy of the microchip components and achieve high-speed installation.

    Second, the charging speed is different: Generally, in the low-to-medium speed SMT placement machine, the theoretical charging speed is about 5000-30000 points/hour; the theoretical loading speed of the high-speed machine is usually 30,000-60,000 pieces per hour.

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    Third, SMT placement products: There are many types of low-speed and medium-speed SMT placement machines, mainly used for large parts, high-precision parts and special parts, and small chip parts can also be installed; high-speed SMT is mainly used for assembling small chip components and small Embedded components.

    Fourth, the scope of application of SMT placement: ordinary SMT placement machines are widely used in some small and medium-sized electronic product production and processing enterprises, as well as many varieties of product design centers and small batch production enterprises. High-speed SMT placement machines are mainly used in large electronics manufacturing companies and some professional original equipment manufacturing companies.

Six characteristics of SMT placement machine

    The SMT placement machine can be used to mount the required high-precision components, large-scale machinery and equipment on the components or different types of components, which can cover almost all components, so it is called a multifunctional SMT placement machine or a general placement machine. The multifunctional SMT placement machine can process all kinds of complex parts, and it is an indispensable part of the production of complex electronic equipment.

    1: The structure of the SMT patch laying machine adopts an arched structure, which has the characteristics of high precision and good flexibility.

    2: The SMT placement machine mainly uses a fixed circuit board, which is implemented by the X, Y position movement of the head, rather than caused by the movement of the inertial table and the large displacement or heavy parts.

    3: SMT placement machine can accept all material packaging methods, such as tape packaging, tube packaging, box packaging and pallet packaging. In addition, when there are more materials on the tray, a dedicated multi-layer tray feeder can be installed.

    4: In addition to traditional vacuum nozzles, special nozzles can also be used for parts with special shapes to avoid breathing difficulties. In addition, the pneumatic handle can be used for the vacuum nozzle assembly

    5: In the calibration of SMT placement machine components, the inverted camera, light source, side light, backlight, direct plug-in front light and other functions that can identify each component are usually used. If the size of the component is too large to exceed the field of view of the GG camera, the aerial camera can also be analyzed and corrected by shooting multiple videos. Some universal mounting machines are also equipped with a movable mounting head camera, which can identify various smaller components.

    6: The small chip component of the SMT placement machine cannot be compared with the high-speed laying machine. The speed of the high-speed SMT placement machine part installed in the speed component of the small chip can reach the speed of the multi-functional machine. The installation size is 5 to 10 times that of the same item . Therefore, in large and medium-sized production, reasonable configuration is usually carried out according to the characteristics of the product, so that the efficiency of each equipment is close to higher.