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Correct use of SMT switch and DFH02 plastic PCB fuse holder
Correct use of SMT switch and DFH02 plastic PCB fuse holder

Correct use of SMT switch and DFH02 plastic PCB fuse holder


Correctly use the switch of SMT placement machine

    With the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, we are closely following the trend of the times. Of course, many companies and manufacturers have also achieved production automation. In the SMT component industry, we have also made breakthroughs in automated production. By adopting SMT placement machines, we can achieve high-quality, efficient and fast production. Now this is a way for us to widely promote SMT, and in SMT placement machines There are many changes, if you can use the switch correctly, this will allow us to get twice the result with half the effort, now let us see how to use the SMT machine switch correctly

    The smt switch can be divided into two parts, one is an emergency switch, and the other is a total stop switch. In use, we must distinguish two switches. These two are switches with different functions. The emergency switch can be used so that we can deal with the failure of the emergency SMT placement machine. The total stop switch can immediately stop all production tasks. We must follow Make different decisions for your different needs

    When we use an emergency switch, which is usually used in emergency situations in a life-threatening situation or the danger of damaging the machine, we will use the emergency switch. If the emergency switch is also used during normal operation, all machines will be shut down immediately. Servo power, the machine will stop immediately.

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If the total stop switch is selected, the machine will stop after completing its steps.

    If the machine is absorbing water, the machine should be stopped after repairing. At this time, pressing the emergency switch, the SMT placement machine will immediately stop sucking, which obviously cannot achieve our goal. Therefore, when using the SMT placement machine, the switch problem cannot be ignored.

New DFH02 plastic PCB fuse holder for PCB and through-hole mounting

    Vertical direction; 22.6mm pitch, UL94V-2 polycarbonate cover,

    April 1, 2021, Wellingborough, United Kingdom: Hylec-APL, a professional supplier of electrical components and enclosures, has launched a new 5mm x 20mm PCB fuse holder DFH02, which can be used for PCB or through-hole mounting. DFH02 has a transparent insulating cover, which can provide protection for the fuse and make installation and removal easy. This fuse holder is the most popular and best-selling fuse holder on the market.

    Hylec's DFH02 PCB fuse holder is suitable for all types of circuits. It provides a safe and reliable method for installing fuses on all types of PCBs and eliminates the problems caused by the use of fuse clips on the PCB. DFH02 fuse holders are easier to install than fuse clips, and are inexpensive, ensuring reliable electrical and mechanical connections.

    The 22.6mm pitch DFH02 can be directly mounted on the PCB in the horizontal direction, or it can be mounted vertically through the through hole. The electrical rating at 250VAC is 6.3A at maximum.

    The base material is thermoplastic, filled with PA66 glass, with mechanical strength and excellent dimensional stability. Meet the UL94V-0 flame retardant standard. The grade of the transparent insulating cover is UL94-V2.

    The dimensions of the DFH02 base are: 13.5mm high from the PCB, 9.0mm wide and 22.0mm long. The lead pitch is 22.6mm. The total height excluding the PCBA circuit board is 15.0mm.