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Pay attention to the three major maintenance of PCB splitter

PCB is one of the important parts of the electronics industry. Almost every kind of electronic equipment needs pcb, as long as there are electronic software such as integrated circuits, pcb is also used for the electrical interconnection between them.
So today I will introduce things related to pcb.

 1. The reason for the operation problem of the PCB splitter: the battery does not have sufficient power, and the connection between the battery and the starting motor is disconnected. Oxidation of the battery or wiring clip; poor contact between the electromagnetic switch and the two terminals or severe ablation of the deflector; the brush is worn or broken or the brush is stuck in the brush holder; there is oil stains between the brush rectifiers Or severe ablation of the rectifier.

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    2. Part of the winding is short-circuited or open: There are three reasons for this situation, one is that the armature winding or the commutator piece is unsoldered, the other is the wear of the bearing or the copper sleeve, which causes the rotor to sweep the bore, and the third is the installation When the 4 brushes are installed in the wrong position or the gap between the new bushings is too large. Idling when the PCB splitter is started: The shift fork is not installed correctly, and the shift fork sliding column device is in the moving bushing so that the motor gear cannot rotate with the shift fork.

    3. When the PCB splitter starts, the motor will rotate. If the gap between the iron core of the electromagnetic switch and the push rod of the connecting plate is too large, the one-way clutch will slip and cannot drive the flywheel ring gear to rotate. Once the starter motor gear is severely worn, it will not run in well with the flywheel ring gear. The electromagnetic switch is normally sucked and normally open, which means that after the start switch is pressed, the iron core of the electromagnetic switch will be taken off as soon as it is sucked up, and after it is taken off, it will be sucked up again, and then taken off immediately, and it will not be able to start. The effect of the initiator 1. The common reason for this problem is to insist that the coil is open.

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