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SMT patch standard content and standard analysis

SMT patch standard content and standard analysis
1. IPC-7351 provides SMT patch area
The patch area describes the factors that should be considered in the PCB pad graphic design, as shown in the figure below.
IPC-7351 provides an extended range for the land pattern area, which calculates the minimum electrical and mechanical tolerances between the component boundary and the land pattern boundary limit. This range helps the board designer determine the minimum area occupied by the component and land pattern combination.
2. IPC-7351 provides naming rules for smart pad graphics

IPC-SM-782 provides a 3-digit registered land pattern (RLP) for each standard component. This rule does not have any intelligent information about the component itself to be transmitted to engineers or manufacturers; IPC-7351 provides Smart pad pattern naming rules, instead of RLP rules. This rule not only contributes to the standardization of graphical symbols in electronic engineering, but also contributes to the exchange of component information between quality engineering, PCB design and manufacturing.

By providing intelligent information in the pad pattern naming rules, IPC-7351 creates conditions for enhancing the query ability of pad patterns in the CAD database, allowing users to query a specific component with multiple attributes.

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Every industry has its own industry standards and guidance documents, especially the electronic processing industry, which itself is a technology-intensive and technology-intensive industry, and there are many corresponding manufacturing standards and rules. In general, IPC-7351 is the general rule, and the general standard is known. The processing standards subdivided into each category are divided into medical electronics ISO13485, automotive electronics IATF16949 and so on.
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