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Analysis of all processes of pcb assembly project

Analysis of all processes of pcb assembly project
PCBA is also called pcb assembly. Do you know what to prepare for the pcb assembly project? How to design the work instructions for SMT production process and how to assemble and test pcbassembly. Today, Shenzhen Electronics has come to analyze all the processes of the pcb assembly project.
one. Preliminary preparation stage
1. PCB assembly project specification, technical parameters and requirements;

2. The lead group for the preparation of the project, responsible for process design, process implementation, project reporting, etc.;


two. Design and Development

The standard of this link is the circuit design ability that can meet the SMT production process.


pcb board

three. Design and Editing of Work Instructions for SMT Production Process

1. Clarify the format of the work instruction, which is consistent with the PCB assembly processing plant;

2. The content of the operation instruction is clear (the operation instruction for solder paste selection, the operation instruction for the use of stencil, the patch processing operation instruction, the reflow welding process control instruction, etc.);


pcb assembly


Four. Steel mesh production capacity confirmation

1. The process of making steel mesh;

2. The patch processing factory exports Gerber files suitable for stencil production from PCB files to guide the process of stencil production;


five. Confirmation of the programming and operating capabilities of the placement machine

1. Evaluation of BOM list and Gerber documents;

2. Placement machine programming, PCB size measurement and board assembly processing;


six. pcb assembly assembly test

1. Test after smt patch processing and production (aging, burning, signal, high and low temperature, ICT test, etc.);

2. Three-proof paint coating, etc. (three-proof refers to which three-proof, please refer to our previous analysis of the problem);


seven. Improvement and evaluation of pcb assembly patch project

1. PCB assembly design mutual inspection

2. Report

3. Suggestions for improvement


In summary, the above is the analysis of all the processes of the pcb assembly project shared by the electronic editor for you. Do you understand? Welcome to continue to learn more about pcb assembly.
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