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How to take protective measures when PCBA splitter is in use

How to take protective measures when PCBA splitter is in use
PCBA splitter is generally mainly used in electronic product manufacturing. Its purpose is to replace traditional manual folding, improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. Many manufacturers of sub-boards are very concerned about the safety of the use of sub-boards, and how to do a good job in safe production is the top priority. The protective measures for the use of PCBA sub-board machines can be started from two aspects: man and machine.

1. Operators
When operating the PCBA splitting machine, the staff should not wear too loose clothes. Long hair must be tied up to avoid accidents.

Operators of PCB sub-board machines shall be certified. Special operation personnel such as PCB sub-board operation and command must be personnel who have been trained by a competent authority and obtained a certificate.


    The project managers, construction workers, machinery administrators, team leaders, and full-time safety officers of each machinery user unit give full play to their respective responsibilities, earnestly organize and implement the regular machinery inspections of the department, and rectify problems within a specified time limit, and achieve closed-loop management of inspection, rectification, and acceptance , Responsibility is assigned to people, and records are complete and complete.

The operator of the PCB splitter must conduct routine inspections every day. The construction department organizes inspections once a week. If problems are found, they will be assigned to the personnel, and the rectification must be made within a time limit, and the rectification records must be carefully made.

2. How to use the machine and its protection
The process of PCBA splitting machine splitting is mainly through the movement of the upper round knife. Therefore, if the upper round knife is found to be unsmooth and abnormal noises and vibrations during the splitting process, stop and proceed. Checked until the problem is solved;

After each use of the splitter, the machine spindle and cutters must be scrubbed with alcohol to prevent the normal operation of the next splitter from being affected.

Before turning on the power of the PCB splitter, you should first carefully check the distance between the upper and lower cutters. During the use of the splitter, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the machine. In any case of machine operation, do not put around the blades. Remove the protective plate to avoid accidents.

If the PCB splitter does not work for a long time, you should also remove the upper and lower positioning plates and the upper and lower cutting blades to protect them, and wipe them off before use. In addition, before using the machine, check whether the wiring is damaged or not.

PCB splitter can effectively improve the production efficiency of PCBA manufacturer's electronic product processing. For safer production, the precautions during use must be strictly followed to avoid accidents. Paying attention to the trend of environmental protection informatization and the development of various environmental protection technologies, PCB factories can start with big data to monitor the company's pollution discharge and governance results, and find and solve environmental pollution problems in a timely manner. Keep up with the production concept of the new era, continuously improve resource utilization, and realize green production. Efforts to enable the PCB factory industry to achieve an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly production model, and actively respond to the country's environmental protection policy.