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PCB copy board advantages shrink, urgent need for transformation and upgrading

Since the electronic market has set off a thousand-yuan smart phone boom, the low price advantage of PCB copy board is no longer. Both PCB copy board companies and investors seem to be worrying about the future of PCB copy board. However, Zhilian Technology PCB copy board companies do not think so. Although the advantages of PCB copy board are gradually shrinking, as long as the company recognizes the current situation and makes the right choice, it is not a blind price war, but the transformation and upgrading of the company. PCB copy board industry It is bound to usher in another vibrant spring!

  The reason why the advantage of PCB copy board has shrunk

  PCB copy board is circuit board copy board, it is a reverse research technology, PCB copy board company obtains the PCB design circuit of an electronic product through a series of technologies, as well as circuit schematic diagram, BOM table and other technical production documents. That is to say, we can easily use PCB professional copying technology to obtain products that other people spend two or three years and consume a lot of manpower and material resources in as little as one month. 

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Such a big advantage has attracted a large number of PCB copy board companies to imitate, which has also caused the current flood of "cottages" in the market. Some PCB copy traders only achieve similarity in order to obtain greater benefits. They lack professional technology, high-quality raw materials and advanced testing equipment, resulting in many inferior "cottages". The image of PCB copy board has also plummeted in people's minds, and the original advantages have gradually turned into disadvantages.

  PCB copy board "re-innovation" transformation

In order to change people’s impression that PCB copying is just simple copying and cloning, professional PCB copying companies like Zhilian Technology have been able to redesign PCB circuits according to the needs of their customers through continuous exploration in practice. The so-called "re-innovation". Through this technology, companies can add their own elements to mature products. Imagine that you find that the ipad has some defects (in fact, there are many such defects), and you adjust and change these defects one by one, and add your own innovations to change this product according to the living habits of the Chinese people. When such a product comes out, you will not be able to predict how high its sales will be! Because you changed its shortcomings and injected the elements of national demand, it became a nearly perfect product. And because of the short R&D cycle, you don't need a lot of financial support at all, and you can quickly withdraw funds. Consumers do not need to wait for a year or two at every turn. They can completely update the new generation of products within two or three months and improve the cost performance. This is also a boon for consumers.

   Zhilian Technology not only seeks "re-innovation" in technology and products, but also constantly explores roads that no one has tried before in terms of profitability and development models. While many large and medium-sized enterprises are still stuck in imitating and researching foreign existing technologies, Zhilian Technology has boldly proposed to create a diversified combination of reverse R&D, independent development and design, manufacturing, technical services and program consulting, and product customization development. Service system. This innovative system has caused the entire industry to imitate.

Transformation is a long and painful process, as HP CEO Whitman predicted at the end of last year: "HP's recent financial performance is poor. It will take longer than we expected for this big ship to turn in the right direction." The truthful confession immediately resulted in a plummet in HP's share price. The transformation process does not happen overnight. I hope everyone will give Zhilian Technology more time and encouragement instead of suppressing PCB copying all the time. Zhilian Technology will definitely help the transformation and upgrading of PCB copy board enterprises through continuous reform and innovation, and lead the entire industry to develop in a lasting, orderly and healthy manner.