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Basic requirements for designing special-shaped PCB high-frequency boards

  With the development of the electronic age, there are many electronic devices in daily life. As long as it is related to electronics, PCB boards are needed, and intact PCB high-frequency boards are generally regular rectangular shapes. Although most plans are indeed rectangular, many plans require irregularly shaped PCB high-frequency boards, and such shapes are often not very simple. This article introduces how to plan irregularly shaped PCB high-frequency boards.

    Now, the scale of PCB high-frequency boards is shrinking, and the functions in the circuit boards are increasing. Coupled with the advancement of clock speed, planning has become more messy. So, let's take a look at how to deal with PCB high-frequency boards (high-frequency circuit boards) with more messy shapes.

    The appearance of common PCB high-frequency boards. However, when the shape requirements of PCB high-frequency boards (high-frequency circuit boards) are used to highly constrained and messy enclosures, it is not so simple for planners of PCB high-frequency boards (high-frequency circuit boards). Because the function of these things is not the same as the function of the mechanical CAD system.

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    The cluttered circuit board is mainly used for explosion-proof enclosures, so it is subject to many mechanical constraints. Rebuilding this information in EDA tools may take a long time and is not effective. Because, mechanical engineers are likely to have created the housing, circuit board shape, device hole orientation and height constraints required by PCB high-frequency board planners.

    In this example, it is necessary to plan the PCB high-frequency board according to specific mechanical standards so that it can be placed in an explosion-proof container. Because there are arcs and radii in the PCB high-frequency board, even if the shape of the PCB high-frequency board is not messy, the reconstruction time It may also be longer than expected.

    Planning multiple radians and different radius curves may take a long time. These are just a few examples of cluttered PCB high-frequency board shapes. However, from today's consumer electronics products, you will be surprised to find that many projects try to participate in all functions in a small package, and this package is not always rectangular. The first thing you think of should be smartphones and tablets, but there are actually many similarities.