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PCB process Commonly used audio connector production method

PCB process Commonly used audio connector production method

In order to achieve communication, transmission and communication between equipment and equipment in the audio system, it must rely on its connection tools, which are wires and connectors. It occupies a very important role in the entire audio system. Nowadays, there are many types of wiring and connectors used in professional audio systems. Below we will briefly introduce the types of wires and connectors that are common in PCBA processing plants:

1. Various wires
1. Professional audio cable: There are two-core, three-core, four-core, five-core, etc. audio cables. This type of cable can be used to transmit high-quality audio signals because of its good shielding effect; now more professional microphones generally use three-core The above wire, this wire has strong anti-interference ability and can be used for long-distance transmission. Of course, this wire can also transmit other signals, such as DMX512 control signals for scanners.

2. Professional speaker cable: In the connection between the power amplifier and the speaker of the professional audio system, the resistance of the speaker cable should be as low as possible. Use thicker and shorter wires and reasonable wiring. The common speaker cables are multi-core, 50-core, 100-core, 200-core double-sheathed cables, commonly known as gold and silver cables; there are also fixed speaker cables and mobile speaker cables used indoors.

2. Coaxial cable: Generally used in video, there are also some audio cables. Due to the poor anti-interference ability of this kind of cable, and the design is not mainly used to transmit audio signals, it is not suitable for long-distance Audio signal transmission.

PCB process Commonly used audio connector production method

3. Centralized cable: it means that multiple signal wires are wrapped in the same protective tube, which are generally used inside the connection system to reduce the number of independent wires. Now it is also used in such as TV OB vans, underground pre-buried and other special aspects. This kind of thread is generally processed by professional manufacturers, and the quality is more guaranteed.

4. Optical fiber: a transmission wire commonly used on many CD or MD recording and playback equipment, which transmits digital signals. With the popularization of digitization, the use of optical fiber in audio systems will increase.

5. MIDI cable: It is usually a five-core cable, which transmits information about MIDI. It is now mostly used on keyboards, effectors and other equipment.

6. There are also some special wires, such as the multi-core network cable used to connect to the Internet in the computer song-on-demand system, which can now also be used to transmit audio and video to realize the computer's automatic on-demand function.

2. Various connectors:
1. XLR: Commonly known as Cannon connector (Cannon), this type of connector is composed of three contacts, respectively 1-Ground;

2--hot end (+level); 3--cold end (-level), of course, in some equipment, 3 is the hot end (+level); 2 is the cold end (-level), this point must be clearly seen in the equipment Manual. The XLR connector is the most widely used type of connector in professional audio systems. It can be used to transmit various audio signals in the audio system. Generally, the balanced input and output terminals are connected by XLR connectors. In a sense, the use of XLR connectors is also one of the characteristics of professional audio systems that are different from civilian audio. The advantages are:

a. The balanced transmission method has strong anti-interference ability and is good for long-distance transmission.
b. With spring locking device, the connection is reliable and not easy to pull off.
c. The connector specifies the signal flow direction to prevent connection errors.

XLR plugs are divided into male and female sockets, and sockets are also divided into male sockets and female sockets. The contacts of the male plug are the pins, and the contacts of the female plug are the sockets. According to international conventions, male plugs or sockets are used as signal input terminals; female plugs and sockets are used as signal output terminals.

2. RCA: Generally known as lotus head in China (because some types of RCA connectors look like lotus petals), this type of connector is composed of two contacts, respectively the hot end (+ level); the cold end is grounded (- Class), it uses coaxial cable connection, of course, can also use multi-core audio cable, which is often used in general household audio equipment. Because its length is about 3.5 cm, so I usually call it: 3.5 cm plug.

3. TRS: Generally called stereo connector, it is composed of three contacts, namely: head end (+ level); ring end (- level); ground (Ground), the length used on small headphones is 3.5 cm It is still used in professional audio at most. Its length is 6.35 cm. At present, most of the high-impedance input and plug-in jacks of professional mixers use this plug, and most other audio equipment also use this port.

4. TS: Commonly known as a monophonic (sound) connector, this connector is composed of two contacts, namely the head end (+ level); the ground end (Ground). The length of the above two connectors used in professional audio is about 6.35 cm, so I usually call it 6.35 cm plug. Although the TS connector and the TRS connector are the same in length and similar in appearance, the specific functions can be different. The TRS stereo connector can use a three-core cable to transmit signals in a balanced manner; but the TS mono connector can only use unbalanced signal transmission Way.

5. MIDI connector: The connector used in MIDI applications has five pins to transmit information about MIDI.

6. Speaker connectors, now generally use four-core professional connectors, and some use TS mono connectors or other methods.

7. Various types of adapters: This type of adapter can be conveniently used to switch between various types of adapters.

8. There are some other special connectors that will not be introduced here.

Three, connection method
1. Balance method

2. Unbalanced method

3. Insertion method (INS)

4. Parallel connection (Y-type balanced branch line)

5. Parallel connection (Y-type unbalanced branch line)

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