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iPCB is a PCB prototype fabrication and PCB assembly factory. We supply high precision multilayer PCB, high frequency PCB, microwave circuit board, Rigid-flex PCB, IC Substrate, HDI PCB board and PCB design, PCBA assembly services. iPCB provides PCB samples, small batch production, and stable production of large quantities of the Printed Circuit Board.
iPCB is your partner to support your electronic design and win the market for your products better, faster and lower cost.
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iPCB focus on one-stop service with PCB and PCBA.

PCB manufacturing
China PCB assembly service

iPCB Circuits Limited(iPCB®) manufactures microwave radio frequency(RF) PCB, hybrid high-frequency Print Circuit Board, multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, rigid-flex PCB, metal-based PCB, ceramic PCB, IC substrate, IC test Board. We have a deep research on PCB with special requirements such as blind buried hole PCB, back drilling PCB, step slot PCB, IC Substrate PCB, ultra-thick copper PCB. iPCB® provides PCB design, PCB layout, PCB prototype fabrication, and PCBA services.

iPCB's PCB design has been focused on network communication circuit board, industrial control mainboard, medical PCBA board, aviation PCBA, aerospace circuit design, ATE test board, servers PCB board, automotive electronics PCB, equipment PCBA circuit board design.


PCB Design

PCB Design

iPCB has entire process PCB fabrication and PCB testing equipment and has an experienced PCB circuit board manufacturing team. iPCB is constantly challenging the technology peak to provide customers with more stable, higher quality PCB board and more satisfactory service.


PCB Fabrication

PCB Fabrication

Standard PCBA manufacturing, advanced technology, and reasonable prices are our advantages. We provide punctual, reliable, and high-quality professional circuit board services, and are the preferred one-stop supplier of Print Circuit Board and PCBA for electronic enterprises.


PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

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Why choose iPCB as PCB and PCBA supplier?

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  • Quick Response

    Offer reply within 30 minutes, 1-hour engineering response, 24-hour technical support, save customer waiting time, shorten product development and production cycle from all aspects, save product launch time, and quickly occupy the market for your products.

  • Leading technology

    Over ten years of development, we grow year on year to add technology and capacity. PCB technology from the standard PCB to RF circuit, microwave circuit board, Multilayer PCB, Rigid-flexible PCB, HDI PCB, IC substrate, IC test board, PCBA assembly.

  • Sincere Cooperation

    The support and trust of our partners are the driving force for our progress. We are looking for a win-win business with our customers. There is no small or big customer in our company culture. Always doing our best to provide excellent service is our goal.

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  • Stable Material

    Wide selection of PCB material suppliers, such as Isola, Panasonic, TUC, ITEQ, Shengyi, KB, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Doosan, Mitsubishi Gas, DuPont, etc.

    Stock materials: FR408, 370HR, TU872, RO4350B, RO4003C, RT5880, RO3010, RO3003, RF35, TLY-5, Megtron4, Megtron6, S1000-2, IT180, F4BM PCB prototype material.

  • Fast Delivery

    Support FR-4 PCB, Multilayer circuit board, HDI PCB, Ceramic PCB, PTFE printed circuit board, Hybrid circuit, Teflon PCB, RF PCB, Rogers PCB. Advanced PCB ERP tracking management system leads the industry in delivery time, PCB On-time delivery rate above 95%.

  • Quality Control

    Strict quality control system guaranteed us one of the most experienced printed circuit board manufacturers in China with over ten years. PCB factory of iPCB professional fabrication PCB prototype, IPC Class III standard can be selected based on customer requirements.


Printed Circuit Board Applications

iPCB has successively cooperated with more than 10,000 high-tech R&D, manufacturing, and service companies worldwide. Its products are used in communications circuits, industrial control circuit board, rail transit PCB board, medical electronics PCB, computers PCB, semiconductors substrate, automotive electronics PCB, and other printed circuit board fields. iPCB also supplies one-stop PCB - PCBA assembly manufacturing, with resources covering more than 60 worldwide Countries.

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